The Best 0W-20 Synthetic Oils: Maintain Engine Performance During Cold Weather

refill engine oilIf you experience a lot of cold weather in your area, 0W-20 oil is essential. It helps your car engine run smoothly in such weather. So, 0W-20 synthetic motor oil is the best to use during winter as it thickens less.

What do 0W-20 codes mean? The ‘O’ stands for oil viscosity at low temperatures, while ‘W’ is the winter certification. The ‘20’ represents the oil’s viscosity at high-temperatures.

For excellent engine protection, you must make sure you have the right engine oil. In comparison to many conventional oil types, 0W-20 synthetic motor oils offer high performance. Apart from keeping your engine running smoothly, 0W-20 oil cleans lubricates and cools it.

But, there are many types of such oils in the market. As a result, it is challenging to choose the best. So, here is a comprehensive review to assist you in finding the best synthetic oil.

Out List of Best 0W-20 Synthetic Oil

# Image 0W-20 oil Price
#1 Mobil 1 96995 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 Quart (Pack of 6) $$$
#2 Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed SAE 0W-20 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 qt. $$$
#3 Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart $
#4 Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil, 5 L $
#5 Mobil 1 120758 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil for 0W-20 5, 4.73L $$

Mobil 1 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Overall

This synthetic engine oil is perfect for low temperature protection.

As such, it is reliable since it works smoothly in a broad spectrum of heat. It can handle up to -53 degrees Fahrenheit. So, this shows that it will help your car engine start ideally, even in cold weather.

Also, it performs excellently in high-temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is capable of serving you entirely throughout the year.

Since this 0W-20 oil is fully synthetic, its overall performance is exceptional. As such, it assists your engine to keep running as new. So, you are likely to have fewer issues with your engine when using this product.

Due to its SuperSyn Technology, this 0W-20 oil outperforms all conventional oils. Precisely, this oil is ideal for Honda, 2005 Chrysler Ms-6395, and Ford models. Although most manufacturers recommend SEA 5W-20 for these models, Mobil 1 performs excellently as well.

If you want economical synthetic oil, go for this Mobil 1. It is suitable for fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrids.

Apart from its formula reducing wear, it offers the best fuel economy. Due to its low viscosity, this synthetic oil has an excellent flow. As such, it protects critical engine parts during start-ups.

  • Facilitates for quick flow to the engine
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Suitable for hybrid and gasoline cars
  • Offers excellent extended performance
  • Gives you value for money
  • Doesn’t have consistent rebates

Royal Purple 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for High Performance

This Royal Purple 0W-20 Synthetic Oil is excellent for your car’s engine performance.

The additives in the Royal Purple oil offer excellent protection for your engine. Also, it reduces friction between the moving parts in your engine. You don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust when using this synthetic oil.

You can use this Royal Purple product on your gasoline or diesel engines. It provides you with excellent cleaning power for your engine. Besides, it offers more miles to the gallon and more horsepower as well.

Royal Purple oil works perfectly with fuels that contain ethanol. Unlike other oils, it doesn’t cause any damage to your engine. So, it helps you enjoy prolonged service from your engine.

If you want reliable synthetic oil for your car, Royal Purple is a great option. It facilitates quick starts even in low temperatures. Moreover, it enhances fuel economy and offers anti wear protection. As such, it is perfect for motorists living in harsh conditions.

Due to its engine power-boosting capability, this oil provides sufficient running flexibility. Also, it is excellent for preventing impurities and dust penetration. As a result, it protects corrosion and early damages.

  • Excellent wear and tear protection
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Ethanol fuel compatibility
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Prevents engine starvation
  • High engine performance
  • Not suitable for high-performance sports cars
  • Slightly expensive

Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for Viscosity Index

This 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is ideal for use in cold weather.

Due to its high viscosity index, this synthetic oil does not thicken much in low temperatures. As a result, it provides excellent engine protection, thus extending its lifespan. It offers superior lubrication of the moving engine parts as well.

Also, it minimizes battery drain at low temperature start-ups. This feature improves the overall performance of your vehicle. As such, you will be safe on the road. A car in good condition is less likely to cause an accident.

Due to its perfect formulation, this 0W-20 full synthetic motor oil minimizes friction as well. Its formulation contains dispersant additives, which keep harmful substances at bay. As a result, your car engine rains in good condition.

Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Full Synthetic oil is effective at reducing sludge build-up. As such, this full synthetic oil keeps your engine healthy by protecting it from premature wearing.

Moreover, the oil in question exceeds the dexos1 standards. Due to this feature, it offers exceptional quality. It makes your car’s engine feel like new due to its excellent performance.

This performance synthetic motor oil offers improved fuel economy as well. Besides, you get to enjoy high mileage by using this oil. As such, it becomes more economical to use the oil in question.

  • High mileage
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Great value for money
  • Higher viscosity index
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Boosts the overall performance of your car
  • Guarantees minimal sludge build-up
  • Not ideal for advanced and modern engines
  • The engine may sound a little noisier

Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil – Best for Compatibility

This Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor oil has a high range of vehicle compatibility.

However, this 20 special tec aa engine oil has a heavy-duty formulation. As such, it lasts longer than most conventional oils. It is ideal for gasoline engines manufactured in America and Japan. So, it is most likely to work correctly with your car model.

Another thing about this liquimoly 2208 0W-20 oil is that it assists you with fuel economy. Due to its anti wear additives, this synthetic oil offers excellent engine protection.

Moreover, this oil facilitates for fuel efficiency in your car. It minimizes friction between the engine moving parts as well. Besides, it is long-lasting, hence giving you high mileage.

This liquimoly 2208 oil maintains excellent engine performance in both low and high-temperatures. Therefore, you can effectively use it for the entire year regardless of the weather seasons.

In comparison to other 0W-20 oils, liquimoly 2208 might not offer a vast fuel economy improvement. But, it still provides a significant fuel efficiency increase depending on your car model. For instance, some car models get about 20% of fuel economy improvements.

Also, this liquimoly 2208 oil is user convenient. Its bottle has an ergonomic design and a perfect grip. So, you can pour this 0W-20 oil effortlessly and conveniently.

  • Long-lasting, high mileage
  • Compatible with various car brands
  • Perfect sludge protection
  • Smooth engine running
  • Easy to pour bottle design
  • Available in five and one liters
  • Not ideal for specific car models
  • Fuel economy improvement is not perfect

Mobil 1 120758 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Budget

This Mobil 1 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic engine Oil contains unique additives.

As such, it ensures that your vehicle has an improved fuel economy. Apart from fuel efficiency, you get to enjoy an extended performance from this synthetic oil.

This 0W-20 advanced full synthetic oil is thin and runny. Therefore, it is ideal for motorists who live in cold areas. Unlike some other oil types, Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil is perfect for cold starts.

Besides, it is suitable for individuals who make many short trips. This 0W-20 full synthetic requires lesser oil changes, hence making it reliable. It is relatively cheap as well, thus giving you value for your money.

The specific formulation for this full motor oil is excellent. Apart from working efficiently, it provides enough lubrication to your engine. As a result, it minimizes friction between the engine components.

Furthermore, the formulation in question prolongs your engine’s service life. It prevents premature wear and tears by reducing heat in the engine.

You can use Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil in hybrid and gasoline cars. It comes in 5 quarts. Also, it is well packaged, thus preventing leakages.

  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Ultra-low viscosity index
  • Excellent value for money
  • Long-lasting, high mileage
  • Great extended performance
  • Protects your engine
  • Not ideal for diesel engines

Buying Guide

Engine wear is a common challenge for individuals who don’t use the right oil. Another thing, using the right oil prevents oxidation and rusting of engine parts. But, due to the complex process of producing the oils in question, different brands differ.

So, to get the best 0W-20 engine oil, you must consider various factors. Here are some of the things you should look for when buying 0W-20 synthetic oil.

Engine protection

If you want excellent oil for your car, make sure it has a seal-proofing technology. Such oil seals your car engine, thus preventing it from added elements. As a result, you get to enjoy the high performance of your vehicle.

Lubrication capabilities

Unquestionably, engine lubrication is crucial for preventing wear and tear. So, the oil you choose should offer the best lube. As such, ensure your oil has the right synthetic formulation.

Many engine oil types differ in their formulations. As a result, they offer different levels of lubrication, hence affecting the overall performance.

Temperature resistance

Another thing you should consider while choosing synthetic engine oil is the viscosity index. Perfect oil for your car should offer high performance even under extreme temperatures. Unlike synthetic motor oils, most conventional oils thin under high temperatures.

Synthetic oils have oil thickness measurement stated on the bottle. For instance, it can find it written as ‘10W – 40’. The first part represents viscosity at 0 ° F, while ‘W’ stands for winter. The second part shows the oil viscosity index at 212 ° F.

Unquestionably, engine oil thins when hot and thickens as it cools. So, engine oils with a lower first number are more resistant to thickening in low temperatures. Synthetic oils with a higher second number are more resistant to thinning while at high temperatures.

Too thick engine oils are likely to cause fuel economy issues. As such, the fuel pump will need to do a lot of work. Also, too thin synthetic oil doesn’t offer adequate lubrication in the engine. So, the oil manufacturers must balance between the two.

Buying synthetic oil that has a superb viscosity is essential. It maximizes your car’s engine performance. Such oil economizes the fuel cost and helps your vehicle endure rough weather as well.

Corrosion and rust-fighting capabilities

Rust and corrosion are the leading causes of your engine’s wear and tear. So, as you search for the best 0W-20 synthetic motor oil, consider this factor. The right 0W-20 oil prevents your engine from falling apart. Besides, it facilitates perfect engine performance.

Getting economical

You should enjoy improved fuel economy while using the best engine oil for your car. First, it should offer you high mileage per gallon. This way, you can drive for long and spend less on gas.

Secondly, the oil you choose should be environmentally friendly. Although cars pollute the environment, some motor oil brands have tried to minimize this effect.

The recommended engine oil for your vehicle

Different oil types are ideal for different vehicles. So, you must select the right one for your vehicle model and brand.

But, you should not only choose between gasoline and diesel engines oil. Precise requirements for a specific vehicle that you drive are essential as well. Using the wrong oil can kill or damage your engine.

There are various types of oils suitable for different cars. Among the available oils include:

Conventional Oil

It is the most common type of oil that many vehicles use. It’s also the type of oil that the manufacturers fill your car with when you buy it as new. The owner’s manual tells you what type of oil it is and what to replace it with.

  • Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil is of higher quality than conventional oil. This oil is good for the health of your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, it offers protection to your engine and enhances longevity.

  • Synthetic Blend Oil

This oil is the synthetic oil that has some blended sources. It is suitable for engine protection and performance and comes at a friendly price.

  • High Mileage Oil

This oil is suitable for engines that have more than 75,000 miles on the clock. It’s best in addressing any issues that come with the tear and wear of an engine after prolonged use.

It contains additives and conditioners meant to enhance the lifespan of your engine. It helps to get rid of the engine oil sludge and protect warn seals to prevent leaks. It also helps to minimize general engine wear and tear.

Compatibility with existing oil

It is not every time you will do an oil change. Sometimes you will have to add a different oil type to the existing one. So, you should ensure the two oil types are compatible.

Some 0W-20 synthetic oils are suitable for synthetic lubricants. However, others work with conventional oils only. So, to make your engine run smoothly, you should go for engine oil types that are compatible with both.

Whether synthetic blend or full synthetic motor oil

There are two types of synthetic motor oils; synthetic blend and full synthetic oil. Although different motorists have their preferences, the full synthetic type is better. It offers high performance and better engine in comparison to synthetic blends.

Moreover, Full Synthetic motor oil offers a longer oil change interval. For instance, you can go for about 15,000 miles before changing the oil. Most oil blends only allow you to go for about 7,500 miles before requiring a change.

But, in comparison with full synthetic oils, most synthetic oil blends are up to 30% cheaper. So, while on a tight budget, you can consider using this type.


Additives are essential substances in motor oil as they enhance it in some way. Synthetic motor oil has additives that boost viscosity and improve the lifespan of your engine. Also, they increase the oil’s cleansing properties. So, you should check the additive types in the engine oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem of using motor oil with a low viscosity level?

In the typical weather, engine oil with a low viscosity level is not a severe limitation. But, such oil is not ideal if you stay in an area with rough weather conditions.

What is likely to happen if I use excess oil in my vehicle?

First, you will not be economical by using excess oil. Also, it is most likely to cause severe damage types to your car. So, it is crucial to use the right amount of motor oil recommended.

Which are the common additive types for the best 0W-20 synthetic oils?

Viscosity-index improvers are vital additives as they reduce oil thinning tendencies at high temperatures. Detergents help in cleaning your engine, while dispersants assist in preventing particles from clumping together. Anti wear agents prevent engine moving parts from wear and tear.

How good is the best 0W-20 Synthetic Oil?

This motor oil is one of the best in the market. It offers excellent performance at both low and high temperatures. Besides, it is perfect at minimizing engine wear, friction, and facilitates for longer mileage. As a result, it improves engine performance.

How long does the best 0W-20 Synthetic Oil last?

The lifespan of the oil in question depends on the brand’s quality. But, if you use the lower tier ones, you can go for at least 5,000 miles. Otherwise, top tier brands can take you for more than 15,000 miles.

Which motor oil is better between 5W 20 better than 0W-20?

For low-temperature operations, 5W 20 is better than 0W-20. The 0W-20 synthetic oil thickens lesser than 5W-20. However, they both have a similar high temperature operating viscosity, which is twenty. So, they perform the same in hot temperatures.

What are the benefits of using 0W-20 synthetic oils over excess oil?

Unlike excess oil, synthetic oil is long-lasting. Also, it offers better engine performance. On the other hand, excess oil can damage your car’s engine.

Can I use 0W-20 synthetic oils on my motorcycle?

Research indicates that 0W-20 Synthetic Oils are fit for motorbikes as well. When applied, you enjoy similar benefits as you would by using it in a car.

Can I use 0W-20 synthetic oils in place of 5W 20 oils?

Both motor oils in question are similar in terms of temperature. However, their thickening varies. The 0W synthetic oil contains a thinner make up that is ideal for low temperatures. 5W engine oils do better in warm temperatures. So, it is not advisable to use one in place of the other.

Which is the best motor oil to use between synthetic blend and full synthetic oils?

In comparison, synthetic oil blends are more affordable. So, they are excellent for motorists who are on a budget. But, Full Synthetic oils offer excellent engine performance and protection. They provide an improved fuel economy as well.

What features should I consider while choosing the best 0W-20 synthetic oils?

The manufacturer’s specification is the most crucial factor to consider. Using the wrong oil can damage your engine. However, oil compatibility, lubrication capabilities, and sealing properties are vital features. Also, you should consider temperature, corrosion, and temperature resistance as well.


Engine oil is crucial for a smooth engine running. So, choosing the right type of oil for your vehicle is essential. The oil you use in your car determines the engine’s performance. Therefore, for your engine to run at its peak, you need the best 0W-20 oil.

Your 0W-20 oil should provide superior protection against friction. Besides, it should prevent your engine from premature wearing, corrosion, sludge, and rust.

That said, you now have all the information you need to choose the best 0W-20 oil. However, it is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s recommendation.