The Best Motorcycle Alarm: Protect Your Bike From Theft

white bikeA motorcycle is a great means of transport for both adults and teens. It is so because it is simple to maintain and manage. As compared to cars, a bike is more agile. However, thieves find it easy to steal motorbikes.

As such, you must employ methods that will keep your motorcycle safe. About that, you should consider settling for the best motorcycle alarm. The units have sensors that will detect vibrations and motions.

Some design alarm will still warn you when an object nears the motorcycle. Other warning signals will include sirens. They provide an audible alarm that does not exceed 125dB. When combined with flashing lights, it will scare the curious thief to stay way.

Robbers make motorcycles as easy targets. They simply break them down in small parts and sell it in such small units. You are likely to lose a high-valued motor if it gets stolen. A motorcycle alarm will improve the security system.

Here is some option for you.

List of Best Motorcycle Alarm

# Image Motorcycle Alarm Price
#1 Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System $$$
#2 Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate Lock IP44 Splash-Proof Cycling Lock with 110db Alarm, 0.38" Diameter 47-inch Braided Steel Cable (2020 Version) $$
#3 Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock $$
#4 Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Integrated Motorcycle Cover Security Alarm System/Theft Deterrent $$
#5 BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System Anti-Hijacking Cutting Off Remote Engine Start Arming Disarming $

Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm – Best Overall

Gorilla Automotive Motorcycle alarm uses a powerful alarm. The sensor will still detect someone who sits or touches it.

During the initial contact, it produces a single loud warning signal. On insistence, it will now ring a 120-decibel signal continuously.

At this point, you should use a remote control to deactivate it.

The presence of a pager makes it to be so unique. The key pager will vibrate. Furthermore, it has a mini-screen will let you know of an alarm trip. In response, you can save you by before it becomes too late.

The best motorcycle alarms can receive signals as afar as a half a mile away. It has an effective alert system. Additionally, it boasts of a three-button remote control. You will use it to activate or deactivate the bike alarm. It is an alternative to a pager remote.

The gorilla automotive alarm has a current sensor to update if one attempts to hot-wire the bike. If so, the alarm will go off. Also, it will display a LED warning light to deter the intruder. Again, it has a tilt sensor to work against thieves who will fail to activate the current sensor.

As the bike is on the tilt position, the alarm will sing pretty loud.

  • The current sensor deters the thief
  • LED flashing lights are an extra deterrent
  • The loud siren sound is effective.
  • The package has a spare remote control.
  • Sufficient pager alert system
  • The installation procedure requires skill.

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Alarm – Best in Versatility

Nulock alarm system is a classic product that one can install on wheels for protection. Manufactured from a braided steel cable, which is virtually unbreakable. Again, it has a Nulock App which you can sync on your phone and Bluetooth.

The braided cable diameter is 0.4 inches and 47 inches in length. It is a versatile product that will work for other items. It is also compatible with gates, outdoor furniture, emergency generator, etc.

In case there is an intruder, your phone will vibrate to alert you. As such, it will discourage thieves. Upon vibration, the alarm produces 110 decibels to keep away intruders. It is a waterproof unit that can tolerate harsh weather.

If the battery runs down, it alerts you via the phone’s app. Such arrangements will prevent any inconveniences of dying. The motorcycle alarm system meets the quality standards of IP44. It is durable for you to use it extensively.

The motorcycle alarm will use a AAA battery in five months. The unit is simple to maintain. It will operate on the optimal temperature of -14 and 114 Fahrenheit.

Smart keyless technology supports a Bluetooth function. You can unlock it through the app whenever in the Bluetooth range.

  • One gets remote activity notification via the app
  • Designed to provide two-way protection
  • Different lengths to meet varying needs
  • Consumes less energy
  • Durable material construction
  • Poor vibration sensing
  • Syncs poorly with the app

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper – Best in Durability

You will find this Kryptonite 000884 keeper in two colors. Precisely, they can be either yellow or shiny black. It will sound like a fancy feature. Notably, you will spot the bright colors easy hence becoming targets. As such, you need to protect your motorcycle.

This best motorcycle alarm system originates from high-end materials. Precisely, the manufacturer used high-grade metal to enhance durability. This dual reinforced material happens to be harder to withstand impacts. It is virtually unbreakable.

Most importantly, it is lightweight and compact. You will not encounter strain as you install or remove it. The waterproof design is ideal for use in a wet environment. It can still withstand scorching sun and snow.

The kryptonite keeper comes with dual keys. Since the lock is foolproof, you will need another key if you lose one. Or even better, you will still enjoy a lifetime warranty. It is a strong product that will offer you maximum resistance to roll way thieves.

This motorcycle alarm has a bright orange reminder cable. Its role is to avoid riding away when you engage the disk lock alarm.

  • The product is all-weather compatible
  • Dual reinforcement enhances durability
  • The shiny colors will discourage thieves
  • The alarm system enjoys top-grade materials
  • The user gets a lifetime warranty
  • The product uses a foolproof lock system.
  • No alarm feature

Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Motorcycle Security Alarm

Dowco Guardian is a single alarm that has a simple installation procedure. You can place it in the cover pocket as you move. If someone tampers with it, it will produce 120 decibels sound. It is enough to keep the thief away.

Most importantly, the manufacturer designed it with high-end materials. It is a robust and durable motorcycle alarm to withstand any situation. Whether your bike has a cover or not, you can still tether it.

You will get a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. You will use a 9V battery to power it.

The good news is you will not require additional wiring. Also, the product has an easier installation and removal procedure.

You can clip it on the wheels or the forks and use it. The alarm has a weatherproof feature to protect it from snow and rain. You can still store it outside without any worry. It will not experience defects from water since it is water-resistant.

The compact and lightweight design is advantageous to the user. It will not consume much space or add extra load to your set-up.

  • The product has a loud alarm featuring 125 decibels
  • The user enjoys a 2-year warranty
  • The motorcycle alarm system is all-weather resistant
  • Easy to use and install
  • High-end durable materials
  • Lacks set up instructions in the manual

BlueFire Motorcycle Security Alarm

Bluefire motorcycle alarm is a universal product. The product is compatible with scooters ATVs and tricycles too. It is a convenient alarm that you can install on almost all motorcycle types. Moreover, it the best motorcycle alarm due to its durability.

The entire system has an anti-theft feature and a bike locator. It also has a powerful 125 dB sound.

It will back it with flashing lights. The anti-theft feature will shut your bike down till you arrive.

In case the thieves run away with it, the bike locator will assist you in finding it. The alarm has two types of sensors. They combine to prevent serious attacks.

The remote control has the engine start function. You can use it to start your bike in a keyless way.

The alarm system will react by cutting the power supply. As such, it will leave the thieves stranded and frustrated. In the process, they will leave your motorcycle. The high-quality build will keep it for extensive use.

The motorcycle alarm has a simple installation procedure. You will have to follow the simple manual instructions. If unsure, then seek the services of an alarm expert to do the work for you.

  • The system is compatible with many products
  • Loud siren and flashing lights
  • The anti-theft feature will shut down the bike
  • A sensor informs of any damage
  • High-end materials
  • Engine start function
  • Not compatible with Ducati bikes

Buying Guide for the Best Motorcycle Alarm 

There is a sea of products on the market shelves. As such, any average Joe will get overwhelmed by choices. If caught in the act prematurely, you can avoid it by following a certain procedure.

We are here to assist you to overcome such situations. We will provide you with the necessary tips that will make your selection exercise easier. In the process, you will come out smiling by enhancing motorcycle security. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Product Quality

Most of the motorcycles like to remain outdoors for long periods. That calls for a high-quality alarm with robust materials. It should also come from high-end materials like stainless steel.

They are both wear and tear-resistant. They will not break easily.

Suppose your system uses plastic parts, they should not break easily. The used materials should serve you extensively without the urge for replacement.

Sensor type

There exist three types of sensors that are common with motorcycle alarms. They are shock, tilt, and motion sensors. They are the most common shock sensors. They are effective in detecting intruders that can mess with your back.

You should know the reaction level of your sensor. If the unit has medium sensitivity, it will still do a commendable job. Still, you can settle for that unit that has additional sensors. Such sensors include tilt and proximity sensors.

Some sensors can detect signals from as far as 0.5 miles ways. Depending on the sensitivity, you can scare the thief away.

Suppose the right alarm system should reduce the chances of theft. By doing so, it also reduces your insurance premiums.


The right motorcycle alarm should produce a loud alarm. It should be effective in driving the attention of the robber.

The decent alarm should produce enough sound that is above 100dB. Anything that is below will not be effective. You will not even hear the alert before you come to the rescue.

For any bike that is within your premises, 50dB will do well. Whenever you are parking the motorcycle away, consider at least 100dB.

The size

Some alarms come in almost similar pin size. You must confirm the size before acquiring it.

The average pin size should range between 7 and 9 mm. On the other hand, some have a pin size of 15 mm.

The pin should not be short and or too long. A too-small pin may fail to fit in the disk. Similarly, very long pins will bring risk or sawing.

Ease of Use

You should settle for a bike that has simple and easy to use features. The market still has complicated systems that you can avoid if unsure. Such can apply to you if you are not tech-savvy. For instance, you can settle for a remote control that has only two buttons.


The level of technology used affects the performance of your alarm. Some alarms systems use keyless technology to run them. They will either use Bluetooth or an app to manage their controls.

The keyless technology is great since you will not carry keys around. You will open and shut the remote by keying in controls on the phone. You will still get various notification about the alarm activity. They include the battery power level, etc.

Installation type

You will encounter two installation types. It can be an easy or complex installation. For a complex type of installation, you can go for a technician. You can do so to prevent any mistakes if unsure.

For easy installation type, it is only a DIY task. Overall, any installation type should work effectively. Some installation types call for it to operate on bike batteries. Others will only need their batteries.


Some motorcycle alarms will only fit well in certain alarms. For instance, some units will operate on DVC 24V while others on DC 12V. It is good to confirm which one works for your model.

Other alarm systems are versatile as they will fit on other products. They may be scooters, gates, and ATVs. You should select wisely in accordance to your needs.


The purpose of waterproof materials is to make it effective in rainy weather. It will not reduce quality if you live it outdoors in snow areas. The waterproof design protects the internal parts against damage.


You will encounter a variety of motorcycle alarms in the market. Every model will show different features hence different pricing. It will be wise that you set a budget for it. Also, ensure that it falls within such a range.

You should settle for a quality product. Do so even if it will prompt you to dig a little deeper in the pocket. Thieves like to target on cheap motorcycle alarms.


You are likely to get the right service from a popular brand. Renowned brands usually maintain a particular standard that is distinctive. New brands might also be good after doing extensive research. However, you should avoid them if you do not have better reviews from customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle alarms effective? 

Motorcycle alarms produce reliable motorcycle security. They usually sense any deterrent and produce loud sounds to scare thieves. Before the thief unleashes the action, you will also be alert. In the process, you will save the motorcycle from attempted theft.

Can motorcycle alarm drain the battery? 

Yes, they get the power from the battery. Some will use AAA batteries for them to serve for a particular period. As the battery drains, they will alert you for possible replacements. Alternatively, you can configure them to the motorcycle battery system.

Are disc alarm waterproof? 

Most of them are water-resistant. You can put it under the mudguard to protect it from water damage. Other models will still run well when submerged in water. You must read the instructions from the manufacturers’ website.

Can one use two disc alarms simultaneously? 

Indeed yes. You can attach one on the front while the rest at the back. It enhances double motorcycle security. To enhance motorcycle security, you can install a wired system. It can offer you three times the regular security. It all depends on your preferences.

How long does an alarm sound before it stops? 

The normal range may vary from 10 to 15 seconds. It will go off between 3 and 5 times before shutting off completely. Some models will go off if the vibration goes off. Alternatively, it will stop when you disarm the alarm.

What should I do when I lose the keys? 

You cut recut some key models. However, it is key that you go to the manufacturer directly. They will enable you to get the replacement key. If your model is keyless, then you will not encounter such a challenge. You only control it via an app.

Where should I get alarm installation services? 

You should seek a professional to install for you an alarm. You can look for such information within your locality. One can still confirm from the physical store that you are buying. Also, get a recommendation from a friend.

What is the right noise level for the alarm system?

Your alarm should produce more than 100dB to be effective. Some models will produce up to 125 dB, which is still loud enough. As such, the thief will get distracted and most likely run away. You should avoid those alarms that operate below 100dB.

Where can one buy the alarm? 

You will find a lot of stores on online platforms. Some include the Amazon and others. You can still read the customer reviews from theses platforms and know the right product for you. One can still access a local physical store and purchase motorcycle alarms.

What is the role of remote control in the system? 

You will manage the alarm while at a distance. Also, it is a safe way of catching a thief from a distance. You will use the same remote control to deactivate the engine. In the process, you will disrupt the robber and frustrate the mission.

Is the installation type important? 

Yes, you should know the installation type that works for you. One category can be complex, prompting you to seek for a technician. Alternatively, you can get one that is simply a DIY task. All is a matter of preference.

Does pricing determine quality?

You will probably find high priced products with better quality. On the other hand, lowly priced commodities will give poor service. It is important to check the features against the prices. You can settle for the one that is you will give you fulfillment.


As days move by, motorcycle theft is becoming a norm. Here, you will require a motorcycle alarm to enhance the security system. The ideal alarm should be durable, reliable, and loud. It should be sensitive enough to meet your requirements.

You will encounter different models in the market. We summarized some of them in this article. Should you be in a hurry, then consider the one from the list. Your unique situation should dictate your choices.

It will be a great step if you own one and remain safe. Security alarms will deter a thief and save the bike from such attempts. Modern technology will still allow you to manage them via the phone. You will get alerts and respond accordingly.

If you own a bike, you should improve the motorcycle security. You can decide now and secure your device from a lift. You need a proper understanding of how it operates. You can take advantage of this details to reap the benefits. Remain safe in all your adventures by using the best motorcycle alarms.