The Best Car Seat Protector: Have Neat & Clean Interior

Best Car Seat CoversEvery car owner strives to maintain and protect their car from wear and tear. Like the wheels and other parts, it’s worth worrying about your car seats as well. The reason being, you may spend a lot of time sitting in your car.

Thus, if poorly maintained, the seats can quickly wear out. Therefore, it’s vital to protect your vehicle seats by looking for the best car seat cover. Other than delivering protection, seat covers also improve your car seat ergonomics. As a result, you are protecting your health as well.

In the market, there are very many choices for seat covers. They all come in different designs, sizes, and materials. So, you have to find the most suitable protection for your car seat.

Even so, making a decision is not that straightforward. This review narrows down the choices for you to the best five car seat covers.

List of Best Car Seat Covers

# Image Car Covers Price
#1 Gorla Car Seat Cover $$$
#2 Skyrox Car Seat Cover $$$
#3 Leader Accessories Car Seat Cover $
#4 Aully Park Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover $
#5 BarksBar Car Seat Cover $

Gorla Car Seat Cover – Best Luxury

The Gorla car seat covers are another high-end option on our list. These premium seat covers keep your seats free from spills, sweat, among others. Thanks to their water-resistant property.

Don’t fret about them moving on you like in cheaper products. These covers have an anti-slip unique backing that prevents bunching and slipping. Hence, they stay in place at all times.

More importantly, the Gorla seat covers come with a contoured fit. Equally important, they also feature integrated straps. These straps help keep the vehicle seat covers intact. Also, they are highly durable.

These seat covers include the neoprene fabric. Thus, they don’t stick to your skin after a workout or during hot conditions.

Sticking to your skin is a common problem in nylon seat covers. Also, the neoprene fabric adds to the cover’s comfort and robustness.

Besides, they also include a free seat belt cover. Still of neoprene material, the seat belt cover protects your seats auto belt from sweat and water. Then again, the covers are easy to install as well.

Each of the covers measures 54″ long with a width of 21.25″. With such dimensions, they offer the most significant coverage. When not in use, it’s possible and easy to roll these covers up. Then using the straps, you can tie them for secure storage.

Further, the Gorla car seat covers are hand-washable. Ensure you use a mild detergent. Alternatively, the covers are also machine washable. With mild soap, wash using a gentle cycle.

Although the Gorla seat covers have many positive reviews, they also have setbacks. Some users claim the seat cover stains the vehicle seat. Others dislike the smell from the first time unboxing.

  • High-quality build
  • Fits perfectly on most applications
  • Includes seat belt protectors
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Strong unpleasant smell
  • Incidents of staining seats

Skyrox Car Seat Cover – Best Universal Fit

The Skyrox car seat cover is available in two colors. Black or beige. As a high-end option, this seat cover gives your car’s interior a premium-quality look.

Moreover, the Skyrox is a neoprene seat cover. Thus, like other neoprene seat covers, it’s also waterproof. By this, it protects your car seats from sweat, drinks spills and dirt to boot.

Installing the seat cover is pretty simple. You just need to slip it on the seat after a workout session from the gym. The cover’s easy installation feature is why most drivers love it.

Further, its material is non-slip as well. Hence, as you drive, this seat cover stays in place and won’t move around. This feature makes this seat cover ideal for holding your child’s car seat. The cover’s design also allows it to fit most vehicles.

Regarding its measurements, the Skyrox seat cover, including the headrest, is 56″ long and 21″ wide. Cleaning the cover is also straightforward. You can hand-wash it using a few drops of dishwashing soap in warm water. Or, you can machine wash the seat cover on a gentle or delicate cycle. Then air-dry it outside.

Just like other products, the Skyrox seat covers also have a few drawbacks. Some users complain of a persistent odor. Others claim it stains the car seats.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Non-slip material
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Somewhat costly
  • Complaints of staining seats
  • Strong odor

Leader Accessories Car Seat Cover – Best for Athletes

The Leader Accessories car seat covers are quite expensive. The covers feature a variety of colors and an excellent design.

They also come with two material options. First is the waterproof sweat towel material that is available in grey, pink, beige, and black. The other seat material is faux leather that comes in different shades of black.

The sweat towel option is not only sweat-absorbent but machine washable to boot. Also, it is bacteria resistant and waterproof.

They also feature a special anti-slip backing. By this, the cover stays intact. With such properties, this seat cover are ideal for athletes.

Another thing, these covers are also effortless to install. Don’t fret about the airbags in the side as the covers don’t interfere with them. They also don’t transfer their color to the seat.

These seat covers have an elastic strap. Through this, you can roll then tie them up for convenient storage. Remarkably, they even fit inside a glove box.

The faux leather seat option features extra soft and perforated faux leather. With 3mm foam padding, this leather seat cover is comfortable, durable, breathable, and wear-resistant. Other than that, it’s easy to clean. Just wipe and air dry.

At the top of the covers are elastic openings. Through these, you can easily insert the headrests. From the back, they feature a stretchy and durable fabric with pockets. Thus, it delivers storage space for your items.

However, some people don’t like their universal design. The reason being, they don’t have a snug fit in some cars.

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Available in different materials
  • They are waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Quite costly
  • Universal fit isn’t snug for some users

Aully Park Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover – Best Budget

These car seat covers from Aully Park boasts of strong moisture-wicking properties. The covers are ideal for athletes and people who work out a lot.

They protect your seats from dirt, odors, sweat, and stains. At the same time, they are also convenient in wicking moisture. Another thing, they come in two colors. That is black and grey.

Besides, these seat covers are machine washable and easy to install. Thanks to the headrest that effortlessly clips into place. Therefore, you can quickly remove them, wash them. After air-drying the covers, you can easily reinstall them back on the seats.

Moreover, the Aully Park car seat covers feature an EVA and polyester blend. Therefore, you can expect a high level of durability and comfort of these covers.

Also, their dual-layer assures of anti-skid protection. For this reason, the covers stay intact as you drive. When not in use, effortlessly fold them up. Then, you can toss them in your bag for convenient storage.

Remarkably, these car seat covers don’t interfere with side airbags deployment. They also don’t sink in your seats. Therefore, they don’t bring about unwanted odors.

From the customer reviews, it’s clear that these covers have been excellent for the majority. Whereas, some users complain of the covers’ fit causing slipping. But with confidence, I believe that these car seat covers are worth the money.


  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for athletes
  • Easy to install
  • They come with polyester terry and EVA blend
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Tends to tear after extensive use
  • Its universal fit not snug for others

BarksBar Car Seat Cover – Best Pet Car Seat Cover

Do you bring your pet along inside your car? If yes, consider getting a pet car seat cover. The BarksBar front car seat cover is an ideal choice.

It features top-notch polyester fabric. By this it assures maximum durability. You won’t have to find a cover replacement for a very long time.

Besides, this material undergoes testing and can withstand extreme temperatures. Thus, the seat cover won’t bring any discomfort or damage to your seat.

As an added advantage, this car seat cover features a 3-layer PU. By this, it acquires water-resistant ability to keep out any water on the seat.

Furthermore, this car seat cover comes with a quilted pattern. For this reason, it delivers a luxurious feel to your pet.

Plus, it also includes a built-in rubber. Other than holding the cover intact, the rubber also ensures a non-slip backing.

Unlike other materials, this seat cover’s polyester will not fade or stain your seats. In other words, its premium components neither include AZO dyes, nor heavy metals such as lead, etc.

On top of that, the Barksbar car seat cover is also easy to install. It only takes a few minutes. Cleaning, on the other hand, is straightforward since the seat cover is machine washable. Ensure you use the gentle cycle.

It’s much pricier than competitive counterparts, but it delivers excellent value for your bucks.

  • High-quality and durable
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Luxurious feel
  • Protects seat from dirt, spills and UV rays
  • Pricier for 1-pack

Buying guide for car seat covers

A car seat is handy in offering protection against wear, tear, and UV rays. Besides, it also keeps pets, if you have any, from damaging the seats.

However, not all the seats will provide the benefits you need. Thus, there are a few key factors you should consider.


As you choose the car seat cover, before everything else, consider the fit. The reason being, sitting protection that doesn’t fit well tends to create an unsightly appearance.

There are two options for ensuring your seat cover fits. One, buy a cover with a universal fit. Or, get one with a custom fit. In other words, a car seat cover with a specific design for your seat size and types.

These days, its stress-free to find model specific seat covers. Such covers deliver an excellent fit. By far, they are much better than the universal fit.

Complete or Bottom Car Seat Cover

Out there, you will find two types of car seat covers. They include bottom and full seat covers. The base covers don’t protect the upper backrest but only the seat.

Complete seat covers, on the other hand, conceal the entire vehicle seat. In terms of cost, there is no much difference between both cover types. But, the level of protection both covers deliver varies.

So, which type of seat cover should you buy? My advice is, go for the full car seat covers. With such, you won’t fret about anything getting dirty or even torn.


Regarding the materials that make car seat covers, we have two principal types. Let’s look at them below.

Fabric Covers

Fabric covers are the most common seat covers. The reason being, they are available in many textures, shades, and designs.

Plus, if you compare them to leather seat covers, they are inexpensive. However, more than anything, fabric covers can withstand rough use. It’s for this reason that most people like them.

Another thing, most of these fabric seat covers are not heat conductors. As a result, they don’t become too cold nor too hot with varying weather.

Despite the above advantages, fabric seat covers don’t last long like leather car seat covers. Even so, they require minimal care and upkeep. Also, don’t fret about them getting dirty since they are hand washable. Some of these seats include Velour seat covers and Neoprene seat covers.

Velour Seat Covers  This fabric displays a plush knitted look. It features cotton or polyester and is also somewhat similar to velvet. Therefore, it delivers an extra-soft finish while offering premium comfort as well.

However, it doesn’t have an excellent water-resistant ability. If you want fabric covers for comfort and style, look no further.

Neoprene Seat Covers – They feature the same material that makes scuba suits. Thus, neoprene seat covers are resistant to moisture, temperature, and high-pressure.

By this, they offer protection against debris, dirt, water damage, spills, and the sun’s UV rays. Hence, such covers are ideal for off-road enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind getting messy.

Leather Covers

The other common car seat cover material is leather. In all honesty, these seat covers feature high buying and maintenance costs. Therefore, most people refer to the leather seat cover as luxury seat covers.

Remarkably, these covers are available in all sorts of colors. They also suit all car interiors. With original leather being tough to come by, most people opt for faux leather.

Cleaning a leather car seat cover is pretty stress-free. All you need is a leather cleaner alongside a piece of cloth to wipe any stain marks.

Concerning leather seats covers drawbacks, they tend to conduct heat. In other words, they get extra cold during winter and extremely hot during summer. As such, they may bring about discomfort.

Leather seats may look very posh. But they too have their downsides. If you can maintain them correctly, there are no other car cover materials to beat them.

Even so, from a personal point of view, I would recommend the fabric covers. Other than being available at affordable costs, these covers are also cheap to maintain. Especially for the pet owners, nothing is better than fabric covers.

Ease of Cleaning

Your car seat covers eventually get dirty after regular use. So, you ought to clean them. Therefore, when deciding what seat covers you need, think of their ease to clean.

I would advise you to buy seat covers that are effortless to wash and maintain. In the market, some covers are machine washable. Such seat covers give you the most relaxed time. Also, go for seat covers that are easy to install and remove to boot. With such, you won’t waste your time cleaning them.

Additional features

Without a doubt, there are many brands of seat covers in the market. With all of them having something to offer, it’s hard to differentiate between good and best car seat covers. Nonetheless, one thing you should consider is the extra features the seat cover has.

Excellent car seat covers have bonus features like odor control and water resistance. You may ask some questions before purchasing these products.

Also, make sure your seat covers have excellent durability. Best car seat covers should appear as authentic as possible.


Planning well is vital in getting the ideal car seat covers. You should have a budget. By this, you can limit yourself from overspending in pointless choices.

Buy outstanding seat covers, ranging within your budget. Luckily enough, it’s easy to come across functional and stylish cover choices at affordable prices nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ(s)

Is it necessary to have seat covers?

There are two key reasons why you should consider installing seat covers in your car. One is to give your car’s interior a custom look. Some drivers enjoy the feel and look of leather. Whereas, others would like a different pattern, color, or fabric.

The other reason is to protect your seats’ upholstery by upping your car’s value for resale. Most car seat covers are easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and easy to install or remove.

As a result, they keep your seats free from smells, burns, and stains. The protection is essential when the time to sell your car comes.

Is it hard to install seat covers?

In general, installing seat covers is stress-free. Most of them come with buckles, straps, and Velcro. Through these, they attach to the car seats correctly.

Other seat covers feature custom seat cuts to account for unique seat measurements. However, in most cases, unlike front seats, rear seat covers are somewhat tougher to install.

Most likely, they require you to remove your seats. Nevertheless, front seats take a few minutes to install.

Are covers easy to clean and maintain?

It depends on the specific covers you buy. Some fabric seat covers are machine washable then hung out to dry. On the other hand, others must be hand-washed or spot-cleaned.

The cleaning process, regardless of the material, isn’t complicated. But, it’s vital to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions. As such, you will know the dos and don’ts of the seat cover’s fabric.

For general cleanliness, regularly brush or vacuum your seat covers. You can carry out deep cleaning for the vehicle covers every once in a long while. Or, in case of unfortunate accidents.

How much does a seat cover cost?

Well, concerning price, this always depends on the construction process and fabric. Some seat cover companies always go the extra mile.

Some use lasers to scan a car’s seat measurements and upload the data into a computer. Then, they calibrate machines to cut the exact specifications. Through this, they achieve a custom and tight fit. Others don’t invest much effort.

In the same way, some seat cover materials are more costly than others. Take, for example; a CR-grade high tech Neoprene costs more than mesh fabric.

Which type of seat cover provides the best moisture protection?

The best fabric to offer protection against moisture and water is neoprene. Imagine the material that makes scuba suits. Remarkably, it is excellent in beading water.

During construction, some manufacturers treat their fabric with moisture resistant solution. Nonetheless, carefully read the seat cover’s description and see how resilient it is to moisture.

Do I need a seat cover if I have a dog?

You don’t need a car seat cover in the account of your pet. However, if you intend to sell your car sometime, you should pick some. Consider car seat covers with the ability to prevent pet odors.

What material makes the best car seat cover?

Leather is an excellent material for seat covers. But only if you are ready to maintain it. Besides, it’s very durable, and cleaning it is effortless to boot.

Other fabrics, such as neoprene, also have remarkable seat covers. It all depends on what you consider as the best car seat cover.

Do seat covers work with side airbags?

The quick answer is yes. Manufacturers test their seat covers to ensure they don’t obstruct side airbags from deploying. The covers do no in any way affect your vehicle’s safety rating.  

Is faux leather a good material?

The quality of faux leather seats is almost as good as that of original leather seats. Remarkably, it is also stress-free to clean, just like leather.


Always ensure your car seats have protection against possible damage. Consequently, this ensures they deliver the utmost comfort and maintain an excellent look. To achieve this, you need ideal car seat covers.

However, not just any cover will do. So, find the best seat covers by assessing crucial factors, e.g., fit, material, and ease of cleaning.

Out top pick is the Gorla Car Seat Cover. It features neoprene material hence comfortable. Besides, this seat cover features a top-quality build and is easy to install. Other than that, it is anti-slip and waterproof as well.