How to Clean Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle leather jacket is expensive protective clothing that you can imagine. Likewise, cleaning a leather jacket is not cheap. Neither is it a routine like washing any other fabric.

For starters, a leather material requires special attention when cleaning.

So, avoid the following when cleaning leather materials,

  • Do not machine wash any leather material
  • Do not iron leather
  • Do not immerse in water while drying
  • Do not tumble dry leather
  • Do not use bleachers on leather

Having said that, let us look at the right procedure to apply when cleaning a leather motorcycle jacket.
When cleaning a leather jacket, you can use two methods.

  • Using water and soap
  • Using the leather cleaner

Method #1: Using Soap and Water

  • Prepare a mild warm soapy water solution in a basin or a big bucket. Remember, while preparing this solution; avoid hot water and strong detergents. These two will damage the quality of your jacket
  • Hang your leather jacket on a cloth hanger, or you can spread it on a flat surface to enable you to clean the jacket.
  • Ensure you have a soft, smooth cloth that you will use to clean your leather jacket. A rough material will damage the surface of your coat by leaving marks on it.
  • Dip your soft cloth in warm soapy water and wring the fabric. The fabric should be dumb and not wet.
  • Using simple circular motions, start rubbing your jacket from top to bottom. In doing so, pay more attention to areas where dirt is more concentrated.
  • You wouldn’t want to scratch your precious jacket while doing this. So, avoid using lots of energy while rubbing the jacket.
  • Repeat the whole process until you cover the entire jacket.
  • Using a different cloth, dip it in clean water and start wiping the soapy solution on your jacket. Remember, the fabric should always be dumb. It is crucial because if you leave leather with water, then you end up damaging the soft leather.
  • Rinse your jacket thoroughly to ensure no stains remain on your jacket.
  • Using a soft dry cloth, wipe off any water that will have remained on the jacket’s surface.

Method #2: Using Leather Cleaner

Leather CleanerLeather cleaner is a unique formulation that used to clean leather materials. They work well on leather surfaces because of the ingredients contained in them.

The cleaner keeps your jacket more healthy and shiny. So by the time you finish cleaning the jacket, it will look like it is from the shops.

It would be best if you chose the right cleaner for your jacket. How do you do that? Always check the manufacturer’s directions by reading the label inside the jacket.

To clean your leather jacket using the cleaner, apply the following process.

  1. Hang your Jacket on a cloth hanger, or likewise, you can spread the jacket on a flat surface.
  2. Using the leather cleaner, spray on your jacket, targeting areas with visible stains.
  3. Using a soft dry cloth, gently scrub the stains off the jacket

You can use the leather cleaner to clean the whole Jacket.

Important Notes:

When cleaning a motorcycle jacket using the leather cleaner, you don’t need to rinse the Jacket. Just polish the cleaner until it gets absorbed in the skin. Remember, the cleaner has unique ingredients that help condition the leather jacket. However, that is not always the case.

After you have cleaned the leather jacket using the leather cleaner, you will realize that not all of it gets absorbed. When that happens, use a dry soft clean cloth to pat the Jacket and dry off the leather cleaner. The above two methods have proved to be the best you can use to clean your leather motorcycle jacket.

However, when riding the motorcycle, you come in contact with many things. You get involved in conditions that leave hardcore stains on your jacket. Despite using the above methods to clean your leather motorcycle jacket, the stains won’t go away.

Therefore, the following available household items will help you get rid of the stains.

  • Baking soda/ corn starch. It works well on oily and greasy stains that won’t go away. Apply the starch on the stain, leave it for some time, and then rub it off your jacket.
  • Nail polish remover. You want to get rid of the ink stain or scuffs on your leather jacket? Then keep applying the nail polish remover on the ink and wait for the stain to disappear.
  • Note. Do not rub the ink stain with the nail polish remover, blot the stain. By massaging, you can spread the ink to the whole Jacket or end up discoloring it.

  • Alcohol. We all understand the fantastic uses of alcohol in our homes. Likewise, it is vital to remove dirt and stains from leather materials.

When leather absorbs moisture or leaving in wet conditions, it encourages molds to grow on them. So, to get rid of these molds, apply diluted Alcohol on the surface of the jacket.

How Do You Dry Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

After cleaning your leather motorcycle jacket, it is time to dry the coat. For you to ensure the jacket dries well, avoid the following:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Dryers
  • Open flames, or any other unnatural way
These ways will shorten the time the Jacket takes to dry and, in turn, damage your Jacket.

Therefore, to maintain the quality, and texture, hang the Jacket under a shade or in a room. Give your jacket time and ensure it dry completely. By doing so, your Jacket will serve you for along time.

Apply the Leather Conditioner

Once your Jacket has dried, you must apply a conditioner on your leather jacket. The conditioner helps maintain your Jacket by moisturizing the Jacket. The conditioner minimizes cracking of the leather. Likewise, it also acts as a lubricant to the leather fibers.


Taking good care of your leather motorcycle jacket is crucial. It is one protective cloth that you cannot overlook its purpose.
So, if you want it to last forever and serve you well, do the right thing by cleaning it using the correct procedure.