5 Best Car Battery Chargers: Jump Start Your Car Effortlessly

ChargingJust like a spare wheel, you need one of the best car battery chargers as you drive. It is one of the most vital car accessories.

Sometimes, your car battery can go down, hence being unable to start your car. Mostly, when you leave your headlights or radio on, your battery charge might go low. However, this malfunction can happen anywhere, thus leaving you stranded. As a result, you need to charge your battery so the car can start.

In the current market, there are many types of advanced car battery chargers. Some will offer you more services than just to restore the battery charge. For example, some will help in maintaining your battery, while others will expand its lifespan.

Consequently, choosing the best vehicle battery charger has become a challenge. There are so many factors you need to consider. However, in this review, we shall disclose 5 best car battery chargers.

List of Best Car Battery Chargers

# Image Car Battery Charger Price
#1 NOCO Genius G7200 Battery Charger and Maintainer $$$
#2 Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer $$
#3 Schumacher SC1393 6/12V Battery Charger $$
#4 BLACK DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic Battery Charger $
#5 MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V Battery Charger/Maintainer $

NOCO Genius G7200 Battery Charger and Maintainer – Best for Fast Charging

This NOCO Genius Battery Charger and Maintainer have very advanced features.

It is one of the most advanced car chargers in this review. As a result, it has perfect safety measures.

Moreover, it has 7.2 Amp, thus it can charge batteries from 12 volts up to 24 volts. This battery charger is ideal for lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries with up to 230 Ah. Also, this NOCO Genius can maintain garden and deep-cycle, automotive, marine, and lawn batteries. It is ideal for CANBUS electrical systems as well.

The charging time for this car battery is superb. NOCO Genius Battery Charger can charge a battery two times faster than ordinary chargers.
You can also use this car charger to repair damaged batteries and power DC devices. So, apart from it being multi-purpose, it is convenient.
This device comes with features capable of monitoring for efficient and safe battery charging activities. As a result, its safety features are excellent.

Moreover, NOCO Genius Battery Charger and Maintainer prevent overcharging of your car batteries. Also, it prevents your battery from reverse polarity. It has spark proof technology as well. Its sleek designs make sure it is portable and compact. It has external mounting holes and a rubber base, which prevents it from scratching or slipping.

NOCO Genius Battery Charger comes with intuitive LED indicators. So, the indicators update you on diagnostic information. Also, they give you feedback on the progress of the charging process.

  • Superb safety measures
  • Charging rate is fast
  • Reliable protection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Helps in maintaining your battery
  • Doesn’t work well on a flat battery

Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer – Best for Safety

The design of this Battery Tender Plus Charger gives it attractive safety features.

One of the safety measures on this device is reverse polarity protection. Also, it comes with the spark proof cramps to enhance safety measures. As a result, these features make sure that your battery is safe throughout.

They prevent it from charging if the cramps are on the wrong terminals. Wrong terminal connection charging can ruin your car battery. It can lead to overheating or an explosion, thus damaging your battery. Also, this device comes with a microprocessor unit to assess your battery status. So, it keeps you updated on the charging progress of your battery.

Besides, this Battery Tender Plus Charger starts automatic charging when setting up correctly. This tender plus battery charger automatically hooks off when the battery is fully charged. As a result, it prevents the car batteries from overcharging, thus protecting them. In this review, this is the best car battery charger when it comes to safety measures.

Moreover, this Battery Tender Plus Charger can charge with lesser charging time. It has a fast-charging feature; thus, it can charge up to 50% faster. Consequently, this battery tender extends the car’s battery lifespan.

The Battery Tender in question is fully automatic. Also, this device is a 12 volt and 1.25 amp battery car chargers. It is ideal for ATVs, golf carts, and classic show cars. Besides, it comes with a ten years warranty, thus guaranteeing you of high-quality services.

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Combats drainage effectively
  • Float mode battery charger
  • Troublesome to use when your battery is flat

Schumacher SC1393 6/12V Battery Charger – Best for Efficiency

This Schumacher SC1393 6/12Volt Battery Charger can do different charging types. This type of battery charger comes with a microprocessor, which helps in monitoring the process. Also, it has a capacity of 12 Amp, and it is fully automated as well. So, it can detect a voltage of either 6 or 12 volts.

Besides, this battery charger can charge 3 Amp to make sure the battery maintains a charge. Also, it can do a 6 Amp for medium charging. As a result, it ensures your battery is fully charged. Lastly, 12 Amp is for super-fast charging.

Moreover, this car charger is lightweight. Therefore, it is easily portable, thus enabling you to carry it around with ease. It is power efficient and environmentally friendly, as well.

Its more than 25 Amp clamps work with top-mounted battery posts. They work with both sides as well, thus making the battery charger more convenient.
Due to the LED indicators, these vehicle battery chargers prevent overcharging.

The indicators keep you updated, hence enabling you to know when it’s fully charged. These features make this Schumacher SC1393 Battery Charger convenient and reliable. As a result, it is ideal for many car types.

  • Compatible with many car types
  • Design is compact and portable
  • High power delivery efficiency
  • Affordable
  • Not very durable
  • Not perfect in maintaining a charge

BLACK DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic Battery Charger – Best for Compatibility

This BLACK DECKER BM3B Automatic Battery Charger is multifunctional. It allows you to test first to test your battery. As a result, you will know the amount of charge present. So, you will be sure of whether it needs a recharge or not.

Secondly, this device is capable of charging your dead battery. Also, since it is fully automatic, it has an integrated charging process.
So, it prevents reverse polarity, short-circuiting, and overcharging. Consequently, it enhances safety since the battery cannot explode due to overcharging.

Moreover, it offers better maintenance to your battery, thus making it long-lasting. As a result, it helps you save the money. It gives you value for money since you will use it for a prolonged period. Also, this BLACK DECKER Fully Automatic Battery Charger has a certified performance. Therefore, it is convenient and efficient, hence making it reliable.

The battery charger in question has a low AC voltage compensation as well. Thus, it gives maximum protection when you use it with an extension cord.
You can suitably use this Battery Charger on 6 and 12 WET, GEL, and AGM types. Besides, you can use it for professional or individual home uses. It is ideal for classic cars and motorbikes, among others.

Likewise, this BLACK DECKER Fully Automatic Battery Charger has a wide range of connections. You can connect it using a DC plug in your car or through the O-ring terminals. Besides, you can use battery clips as well, which comes with it. As a result, it is easy to connect this battery charger to your battery.

  • Compatible for various vehicle types
  • Good battery protection
  • 3 connection options
  • Poor LED light
  • Shorter lifespan

MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V Battery Charger/Maintainer – Best for Durability

This type of battery charger has a wide range of applications.This device is fully automated and works on many car types, ranging from motorcycles to cars. Also, it is suitable for children’s toys, Powersports, ATVs, RVs, lawnmowers, and boats.

Besides, this battery charger has unique programming that is microprocessor controlled. As a result, it monitors the constant charging, thus indicating when fully charged.

This feature is vital as it prevents overcharging. Consequently, it maintains your battery well and prolongs its lifespan. As a result, you get to enjoy the value for your money.

It works excellently in restoring dead batteries as well. This capability makes it very essential since it saves you from buying a new battery.
Besides, it maintains the battery’s maximum charge. It achieves this due to the float mode factor. Also, it has other safety features, such as prevention against reverse polarity.

It offers short-circuiting prevention as well as spark proof. The sparks in question damages both the car battery charger and the battery itself. Therefore, this feature is critical for both the charger and your car batteries.

Due to its SAE system, this device is one of the best vehicle battery chargers. It offers you quick release connection options. The options in question are alligator clips and ring terminals. So, this device is easy to use on your lead-acid batteries, among other types. It has a simple design, which comes with usage guidelines.

Thus, you can effortlessly use it right out of the box. This feature is vital to the individuals who don’t have mechanical skills.

  • Wide application range
  • Energy efficient
  • Come with various safety features
  • Relatively cheap
  • Average performance
  • Poor LED indicators design

Car Battery Charger Buying Guide

Unquestionably, a car battery is a powerful tool in your vehicle. So, when it dies, you are likely to have problems with starting up your car.
However, similar to other batteries, you can recharge your battery. You only need the right equipment to charge the battery.

Even though you can jump start your battery with jumper cables, battery chargers are better. They offer you long-lasting results, thus helping you keep your car batteries in use. But, to have the best vehicle battery charger, you must consider various factors.

Things you must consider while choosing battery chargers.

The Voltage

Voltage is the measure of the electric strength that a battery charger has. Arguably, most vehicles operate on a 12 volt electrical system.
Therefore, most vehicle batter chargers come with 12 volts. As a result, the car charger is able to charge your car batteries efficiently.

But, if you want multifunctional battery chargers, consider a 6-volt charger. It is not only ideal for car batteries but other car utilities as well.

The Amperage

It is the amount of current that a battery can handle. Likewise, it is the current amount that can conveniently flow through the car charger. Arguably, most vehicle chargers come with 25 Amp.

So, vehicle chargers with higher amperage can support higher amounts of current. As a result, their charging rates are faster. Such charges chargers are vital when you have a dead battery.

But, quick charging your car batteries is not recommended since it can damage them. As a result, most chargers have 25 Amp, since its moderate.
However, the best car battery chargers should be able to detect the ideal charging mode. Such vehicle chargers protect your battery.

Also, they enable you to leave the settings to auto safely. The charger will then choose the suitable charging rate for your battery. It most cases, 25 Amp is always an ideal rate.

Safety features

When choosing a vehicle battery charger, safety measures should be paramount. They are vital in keeping your safety rights reserved. Overcharging your car batteries is dangerous since they can cause detrimental consequences. Also, car batteries contain harmful chemicals.

Hence any failure can be risky. So, your charger should enable you to do the alternator checks to ensure all is well.

Therefore, you must check various safety measures while choosing a vehicle charger. Most safe battery car chargers detect when your battery is full and maintains it at float mode.

Amperage and auto voltage detection are crucial safety features you should check in battery car chargers. They prevent overcharging and overheating
of your battery.

Likewise, reverse polarity features are vital in improving safety measures. These features will prevent you from connecting the wrong charger and battery terminals.

Finally, you should consider spark resistant clamps. Such sparks can cause fire, which a considerable threat to your safety. Also, sparks generated by the battery charger can ruin both the battery and the charger.

Protection level

Unquestionably, you always use vehicle battery car chargers in a garage or outside. So, their exterior protection level is essential in keeping your charger in good condition.

Besides, it should be safe from dust and water to avoid damaging easily. You might need to use it out in the rain. So, it should have an excellent protection from such elements.

The system measures the resistance of something to these elements. Also, necessary heat protection is a crucial consideration. It protects the interior components of your car battery charger.

Charge time

Most chargers vary on their average charging time. This variation depends on various chargers’ components. Averagely, most vehicle chargers take about two to ten hours for your battery to be fully charged.

Smaller chargers tend to take longer than larger garage-only units. But, there are small chargers with high charging speed as well.


Not all motorists are mechanically inclined. So, it is vital to choose a quick and easy to use vehicle battery charger.

Some vehicle chargers’ designs make them so informative, thus making them easy to use. Most chargers come with a light to indicate an ultimately charged battery.

Also, others have an LED light to show performance levels. Besides, the best car battery chargers should let you do some alternator checks.

Moreover, designs enable the chargers to draw all the power from the car’s cigarette lighter. However, you should consider vehicle battery chargers that are multifunctional as well. Go for chargers that come with USB slots to enable you to charge other devices.


Since cars move, it means their batteries can go down while anywhere. Therefore, you should always ensure that the device you choose is portable. So, you should make sure that your charger can fit in a small bag or glove size. Also, it should compact and lightweight to ease its portability.

FAQ When Buying Car Battery Charger

What is a vehicle battery charger?

A vehicle battery charger refers to a small device used to start a dead vehicle battery. Mostly, car batteries experience power depletion due to leaving the radio and headlights on. So, having a vehicle battery charger in your car is essential, as this can happen unexpectedly.

Can I overcharge my vehicle battery with a vehicle battery charger?

Due to technological advancements, it is almost impossible with the new model chargers. Most of them have diagnostic sensors and technology. Thus, they automatically stop charging when the vehicle battery gets fully charged.

How long should it take a vehicle battery charger to recharge my car battery?

Many vehicle battery chargers vary on performance. As a result, they take different periods to recharge car batteries. But, fast vehicle battery chargers can take about two hours. However, regular car chargers can take up to twelve hours to fully charge your car battery.

What features should I consider while buying a car battery charger?

Portability and power features are the most crucial factors. So, your device should be small and lightweight. Also, it should be powerful enough. Safety measures are critical as well. It should offer protection against reverse polarity, among other features.

Can I leave my car battery charger on for an extended period?

If you leave your device continuously connected for too long, you could damage it. Instead, go for a vehicle battery charger that will switch off after the battery is full. Also, you can consider a charger that remains on a float mode after your battery is full.

Do solar car battery chargers work?

Solar vehicle battery chargers do work. But, they are not very powerful compared to other types of battery chargers. Besides, they provide lower amperage, thus making them suitable as maintainers and trickle only.

How can I use an Amp meter in my car battery charger?

The meter in question indicates the essential information. For instance, while charging, it shows the rate at which the vehicle battery charger is providing the amps. Besides, it allows you to do an alternator check. Also, amp settings allow you to select the charging rate of your battery.

What are the main types of car battery chargers?

Multifunctional vehicle battery chargers are universal in many markets. They allow you to charge various devices such as jet skis and golf buggies. The second type is the automatic vehicle battery charger. You can recharge this type of charger using an electrical outlet.

What are the benefits of using a vehicle battery charger?

A car battery charger helps you avoid replacing your car battery. Replacing a lead-acid battery can be tiresome and challenging. Also, car chargers help you save money, charge other devices, and multitask. You can be repairing your car while listening to the radio without your battery dying.

How to Use Car Battery Charger?