The Best Car Covers: Protect Your From Dust & Sun

best car coverThe best car covers are vital in preventing your car from depreciating its value. They protect your vehicle from harsh elements that can lead to its cosmetic damage.

Arguably, there are many elements in your parking lot that can harm your vehicle. For instance, extreme weather conditions such as high winds and UV rays can damage your vehicle.

Also, you need to protect your car from dirt, bird dropping, and debris, among other things. As a result, such protection enhances its value. So, you need the best car cover to protect your vehicle. As a result, such car covers give you peace of mind.

However, in the current market, cars come in many designs. Besides, these car covers come with different features. Therefore, it becomes challenging to choose the best car cover.

In this review, we shall disclose five of the best car covers available.

List of Best Car Covers

# Image Car Covers Price
#1 Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover $$$
#2 Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover $$$
#3 MATCC Car Cover $
#4 Classic OverDrive PolyPro 1 Sedan Car Cover $
#5 Budge Lite Car Cover $

Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover – Best Heavy-duty

This Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover comes in a design that makes it suitable as indoor car cover. It is also suitable for use in the garage.

Although this product has less than four layers, it offers excellent protection. Its polypropylene fabric protects your car from UV rays exposure, among other elements.

Besides, ultrasonic welding of this shield enhances its durability. Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover has a non-abrasive lining. Thus, it doesn’t scratch your vehicle.

Due to its breathable fabric, it offers improved airflow. Also, it reduces condensation, hence preventing mold and mildew growth. Moreover, this material makes the product to water-resistant.

This Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover has an elasticized hem. As a result, it holds this car cover in place during windy conditions.

Also, it has sewn-in grommets that enhance a snug fit. Consequently, it protects your car from vandalism and theft as well.

The cover in question is available for vehicles up to 264 inches long. Besides, it comes with an antenna patch and a storage bag. It has a five-year warranty as well.

  • It is durable.
  • It has three layers of fabric.
  • It has a non-abrasive material.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It also comes with a storage bag.
  • It is water-proof.
  • It has a breathability feature.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover – Best For Durability

This Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover comes with a premium material that makes it long-lasting. It is very suitable for all-weather outdoor use.

Unlike car covers with four layers, this shield has six layers. Therefore, it is capable of lasting longer and offering premium protection.

It is 100% water-proof, hence making it ideal for outdoor uses. It can withstand snow and rain perfectly. Also, it has a reflective aluminum, which offers protection against UV rays.

This Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover has a fantastic design as well. On its left side, it has a door zipper, which allows for easy access.  It has windproof straps at the front and rear that prevents it from strong winds.

Its reflective stripes are vital for night safety. Besides, it has pretty mirror pockets for more convenience. It has a universal fit for Sedan cars that are between 186-193 inches long.

Also, its portable storage bag is large enough for this car cover. As a result, it’s easy to pack and unpack it.

  • It is durable.
  • It is 100% water-proof.
  • It has a door zipper.
  • It has reflective strips for night safety.
  • It offers maximum protection.
  • Its portable storage bag is big enough.
  • It has front and rear windproof straps.
  • It is expensive.
  • It has limited sizes.

MATCC Car Cover – Best For Safety

The MATCC Car Cover comes in a water-proof design. It is another car Cover that is ideal for all-weather protection.

This car shield is made of high-density and water-proof material. So, it prevents your vehicle from water troubles effectively.

It has a PVC Nylon fabric that protects your car against scratches. Also, it is ideal for extreme temperatures, dust, and snow protection, among other elements.

Besides, it offers a snug fit for cars that are between 173 and 207 inches long. The MATCC Car Cover SUVs designs are available as well.

This car shield has elasticized hem and hooks to enhance its fit. Also, it has a rope wind and two elastic bands. As a result, it provides a perfect front and rear protection.

Moreover, it comes with a buckle and straps at the bottom for wind protection. These factors protect your car from thieves also. Besides, this car cover has a storage bag for secure storage and transportation.

This MATCC Car Cover has six fluorescent strips that are reflective. So, they act as safety warning lines since they make the car cover more visible at night. These features improve car safety, as well.

  • It has fluorescent strips for safety.
  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • It offers a snug fit.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It offers comprehensive protection.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has limited sizes.
  • Its nylon cloth is not heavy duty.

Classic OverDrive PolyPro 1 Sedan Car Cover – Best For Uv Rays Protection

This OverDrive PolyPro 1 Sedan Car Cover is fantastic for indoor car protection.

It is excellent for protecting bird droppings and dust from your car. Also, it protects your vehicle UV rays excellently, thus preserving its paint.

Although it is water-resistant, it doesn’t work well in this regard. In case it gets rained on, some water seeps in, thus soaking your car.

But, this OverDrive PolyPro 1 classic accessory is quite light. It has a breathable material as well, thus allowing the water to dry up quickly. Hence, it prevents any mold or mildew from building up.

Besides, the inner part of this car cover is soft. As a result, it does not scratch your vehicle’s paint off.

The design for this cover is ideal for sedans and has three size options. So, it can only cover vehicles that are between 175 and 210 inches long. However, it doesn’t provide an entire cover for your car, both in width and length.

It has elasticized corners, hence making them fit around your vehicle. They snugly collect under your car.

You can also tie this cover more securely using its tie-down grommets. Besides, the grommets in question are non-scratch, thus do not damage your car. Instead, they protect it more securely from the wind.

  • It protects your car from the sun and dust.
  • It has a soft interior.
  • Its fabric is breathable.
  • It has food securing points.
  • It comes with a convenient storage bag.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It is not water-proof.
  • It is poorly sized.

Budge Lite Car Cover – Best For Breathability

The Budge Lite is another car cover whose design makes it suitable for indoor use.

Although you can use it for both indoors and outdoors purposes, it offers essential protection.  It provides excellent UV protection, but it might not last if exposed to it daily. Also, this car cover is not water-resistant, thus not ideal wet season.

But, it provides excellent protection against bird dropping, debris, and dust. Besides, its fabric is incredibly breathable. As a result, it doesn’t collect moisture, hence no chance for mold or mildew growth.

Another fantastic feature for this Budge Lite Car Cover is its many size options. There is a perfect size for every car whose size is between 154 and 264 inches.

Also, it comes with many designs to suit both SUVs and cars. So, it gives you an exact and snug fit that you need.

Moreover, this Budge Lite Car Cover has an elastic hem at the bottom. Therefore, it can keep your car safe from strong winds.

Its single-layer polypropylene material is long-lasting. So, it is durable, but you should only expose it to moderate UV rays.

Also, it has double stitching that extends its lifespan. This product has a non-abrasive material, hence it can’t scratch your car.

  • It offers protection from sunlight and dust.
  • It has a breathable fabric.
  • It offers a good fit.
  • It doesn’t scratch your car.
  • It comes in many sizes.
  • It has a sewn-in grommet.
  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • It is not water-resistant.
  • Its securing mechanism is not perfect.

Best Car Cover Buyers Guide

The right car cover is vital for keeping it protected. However, different car covers are designed for specific vehicles.

As a result, various car covers have different features. Therefore, choosing the best car cover to protect your car can be challenging. You need to consider many factors.

Here are a few of the things that you need to put into consideration:

Indoor or outdoor

There are two types of car covers; indoor and outdoor. Therefore, you need to decide the ideal car cover for you.

Indoor car covers don’t have many features, thus making them more budget-friendly. Their one layer design makes them ideal for indoor use. In most cases, they only protect your car from dust.

Conversely, outdoor vehicle covers are designed to protect your vehicle from extreme weather conditions. So, most of them have about four layers of material, which is adequate for UV protection.

Also, most outdoor car shields are water-proof. Moreover, they come with many other features such as toe-downs.


SUVs, trucks, and sedans require different fabric amounts. Therefore, you should know the best car cover size for your vehicle.

If you buy an extra-large car cover, it might flap in the wind. As a result, it will allow water and debris to get in.

Also, it will leave your car exposed if it is too small. So, the best outdoor car covers should protect your vehicle’s front and rear fully.

If you want to get the right car cover size, consider going for a custom fit. It will enable you to have the correct dimensions.


When leaving your home, you might need to carry your car cover. Some of these covers come with a storage bag, thus making them more portable.

Therefore, while choosing your car cover, ensure it comes with a carrier. It will make cover storage and transportation easier for you.


There are two car covers fit types, universal and custom fit. Custom-fit type covers come with a specific design to fit a particular vehicle model.

As a result, it can protect your car from extreme weather conditions. Such covers allow you to attain a snug fit. They are recommended for special or vintage vehicle editions.

But, compared to the universal fit, this type comes at a higher price. A car universal fit cover is made for any vehicle. As a result, it might not fit into your car perfectly.


Most car covers have different materials, thus offering varying levels of protection. So, the car cover fabric determines if it’s ideal for outdoor or indoor use.

Aluminum materials are ideal for UV protection. It is capable of reflecting the UV rays away, thus keeping your vehicle cool. Therefore, if a car cover is made of this material, it is suitable for outdoor use.

Polyethylene is another suitable material for making the best outdoor car covers. This plastic-type material is durable and flexible. So, it is water-proof, thus making it able to protect your car from the rain.

In most cases, a fleece lining car cover is made of cotton material. As a result, it protects the paint of your vehicle, hence preventing it from rusting.

Also, due to its breathability, it prevents moisture that may earn molds to your car. It ensures that the underneath moisture is not trapped beneath your vehicle.

High-quality materials are vital for making the best outdoor car covers. Therefore, they might have several layers of all these three materials. An indoor car cover is most likely to have one layer of cotton or polyethylene fabric.

Zippered door

Sometimes, you might need to protect your car from harsh weather conditions. But, you may need to access its interior more often.

In such a case, you should get a zippered door car cover. It allows you to access your vehicle’s interior more quickly.

Local weather

This feature is vital while choosing the best car cover. For instance, if your area has harsh weather conditions, you need a high-quality car cover.

Such covers have sturdy and resilient materials, which keep heat away in the summer season. Also, during winter, they prevent your car glass from freezing.

Your budget

A more expensive car cover doesn’t necessarily mean that it is high-quality. So, unless you are protecting your car from harsh conditions, don’t overspend on car covers.

Also, you can get a high-quality car cover at a reasonable budget. Thus, you should just have enough budgets to meet the needs of your protection.

Besides, you need to do proper research of the car cover you want to buy. Always ensure it gives you the right value for your cash.

Sometimes, an excellent low budget cover may earn you peace of mind. Most car cover budgets range from $20 to $300 or more.


Tie-down grommets are essential for an added protection level in high winds. Also, they protect your car cover from theft. But, you should ensure grommets are scratch-resistant before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ(s)

What is a car cover?

It is an accessory to place over your vehicle to protect it from harsh weather. Since different car covers have different materials, they offer different protection levels.

What are the advantages of using a car cover?

A car cover helps you protect your vehicle dust, pollutants, and adverse weather. Besides, it reduces your car’s maintenance cost. High-quality car covers prevent your vehicle scratches, dings, rust, mildew, and mold. Also, they are an excellent deterrent for car thieves, thus keeping your car’s safety rights reserved.

Which are car cover types?

Vehicle covers come in three main categories. Indoor car covers are for cars packed in indoor storage facilities. Conversely, outdoor car covers are ideal for outdoor use. They are thick and water-resistant, thus protecting from UV rays and strong winds. All-weather car covers protect your vehicle against harsh weather.

How frequently should I wash my car cover?

Bird droppings, mud, and dust, among other detritus, dirty your cover. So, when such factors make it dirty, you should wash it. However, frequent cover washes are not good since they can damage the shield’s water-proofing.

Should I put a car cover on my wet car?

Breathable fabrics car covers allow water from your car to evaporate and escape. But, it does not let in rain droplets. As a result, it prevents rust, mildew, and mold from forming. So, you can put a breathable cover on your car when it is wet.

Can a car cover cause damage to my car?

A high-quality car cover comes with a fleecing inner lining, which acts as a cushion. You should buy vehicle covers with a “scratch resistant” feature. The design for such covers protects your vehicle instead of damaging it.

Is a car cover worth it?

The worth of a car cover depends on the condition of your vehicle. A less than $100 cover for a car that is in perfect condition is worth it. It prevents cosmetic damage that would cost more to repair the vehicle. But, if your car cosmetic has the damage already, a cover might not be worth it.

How should I clean my car cover?

Car covers come with their specific product description, which gives washing instructions. Depending on cover properties, the instructions might recommend a machine wash. However, some guidelines recommend you hand wash the cover with warm water and soap.

How should I install my car cover?

Most covers come with mirror pockets, or a stamped ward “front” on one ends. So, these features enable you to distinguish the front and rear end. Now, pull it over your car and secure the rear side under the back bumper. High-quality covers have drawstrings, buckles, or straps to keep it secure.

Which is the best fabric for a car cover?

The ideal car cover material depends on the car protection type you need. A cover for outdoor use should reflect UV rays and prevent other damages. So, it needs about four layers or more of aluminum, cotton, and polyethylene. But, your indoor car cover can have one layer of cotton or polyethylene.

Can I leave my car cover on in the rain?

You should leave the cover in the rain only if it’s 100% water-resistant or water-proof.  Shields that are not water-proof or water-resistant can damage your car paint if rained on.  Also, they can cause mildew or mold buildup.

What are the crucial features to consider while choosing a car cover?

First, choose the ideal cover type for you. Then, choose the perfect size and fit for your shield. You can go for a custom or universal fit. Finally, consider price, local weather, and the cover fabric, for a suitable choice.


Unquestionably, car covers are vital for keeping your car cosmetic’s rights reserved. They protect your vehicle from damage by various elements such as UV rays. As a result, they help in reducing repair costs and maintain the car value.

But, you need to consider various features to help you choose the best car cover. Knowing the suitable car cover type is crucial since they offer different protection levels.

Also, you need to know your car dimensions for a snug fit. But, you can go for custom or universal fit, depending on your car model.

The car cover material and quality are vital as well. They determine the durability and protection level of your cover.

Besides, you should consider a storage bag for easy portability. Ensure the shield is within your budget as well.