The Best Motorcycle Battery: Optimize Your Bike’s Performance

moro guzziThere exist many valid reasons why you should upgrade your motorcycle battery. No matter the reasons, when it is time to get a replacement, you will have a wide range you can select from. If it is your first time, finding the best motorcycle battery can be a tedious process.

But you need not worry so much. The market is laden with quality motorcycle batteries. If you want to make sure you have got the right battery, you must find the purpose first. What do you expect from the new battery? How was your experience with the old battery? Would you love to make some changes?

Generally, everything must make sense because a good battery makes a good motorcycle experience. There is more to learn about cells and bikes. But the ultimate concern should be about durability and reliability.

Ideally, you want your motorcycle to have a good battery life with no disappointments while on the road. Having a bike is about the outdoors. The right battery for your bike is the maintenance-free one.

Consider the following motorcycle batteries review to get an idea of the most effective and energy-efficient options suitable for your bike.

List of Best Motorcycle Batteries

# Image Motorcycle Battery Price
#1 Shorai LFX 19A4-B12 Lithium Motorcycle Battery $$$
#2 Antigravity AG-801 Lithium-ion Battery $$$
#3 iGel YTX12-BS Lithium Motorcycle Battery $
#4 YTX20L-BS Rechargeable Motorcycle Battery $
#5 Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Motorcycle Battery $$
#6 ThrottleX MX20L Motorcycle Battery $$
#7 Battery Tender BTL 35A480C Lithium Motorcycle Battery $$

Shorai LFX 19A4-B12 Lithium Motorcycle Battery

The battery comes highly-priced among the ones that are under review in this article. And it lives up to its price. This lightweight battery adds very little weight to your motorcycle. It only weighs one-fifth of the lead-acid batteries.

But this is not the good part. It is environmentally friendly and emits no poisonous gases while on a charge. It is absent acid and lead poison associated with most cells. It is also suitable for the environment because it has low self-discharge and will not sulfate.

The battery is maintenance-free, which makes it the best motorcycle battery for beginners. It will hold up its charge for a year with zero maintenance. It has an excellent design that offers you the option of fixing your cables at the top or on the sides. The battery has a foam spacer to allow better fittings to your motorbike.

It has a superior engine power because it gives a better cranking power.

The battery comes with secure installation options. You can request the size and shape of the battery based on your specifications. Another good thing about a low discharge rate is that wit will make it last during winter.

The battery has an exceptional charge rate.

Lightweight and compact
The installation is straightforward and is a DIY fitting. It uses padded spacers so that the battery can fit well on any motorcycle. It is small in size yet potent.

Carbon fiber case
It makes the battery durable. It means that it offers protection to the cells’ internal factors.

Extreme-rate prismatic lithium-ion cells
A new technology that ensures no gas escapes when your motorbike is charging. Further means the battery does not use either lead or acid hence safe and nonpoisonous.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fast charging
  • High power
  • May spew hot liquid and gas

Antigravity AG-801 Lithium-ion Battery

It sits among the most popular motorcycle battery in the market today. It is mostly associated with motorsports and is a battery that turns any bike super. It is a compact and light battery; therefore, it will never add much weight to your bike. Its performance justifies the price.

The AG-801 is one of the best motorcycle batteries because it can be used in both cars and motorbikes. It is rare to find a cell that can operate both efficiently. The battery covers bikes for both street use and race use. For the streets, it is fit to power up models of up to 600cc, while for the race bikes, the models range up to 1500cc.

It weighs only 1.56 pounds, which is very small compared to the output it gives. The capacity is 9Ah and 240 cranking Amps.

With so much power, it can keep the charge for more than a year if there is nothing that drains it. It is the right battery for people who love sports.

The battery life is rated at 12 months, given that you do not drain its power. Avoid using it to power your music if you want to serve you longer.

The functional design is also convenient for first-time users. It has the terminals colored in green and red to indicate the positive and negative connections.

Compact size
In comparison to most large batteries, it has so much power despite its small size. Most riders find the size and weight to be helpful in fuel consumption.

Quite straightforward to install and needs no experience as long as you can follow the battery manual while fitting it to your motorcycle. It is a waterproof motorcycle battery as well, making it a reliable option when riding on the rain.

  • Fast-charging battery
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and stores charge for long
  • Suitable for impact sports
  • Old model

iGel YTX12-BS Lithium Motorcycle Battery

If you are looking to buy an affordable zero maintenance motorcycle battery, then the iGel YTX12-BS fits the profile. When replacing an old battery, you need to move to one that is more advanced and rich in features.

It has a digital display that helps give accurate battery status. The battery comes with an intelligent chip to read the alternator and voltage of your motorcycle battery.

Another unique feature is the alarm that warns you every time your battery is on low capacity or having any abnormalities.
The battery model has little weight to add on your bike, making it useful for fuel conservation as well. It only weighs 7.9 pounds with a 12V output.

People find installation to be a bit complicated because there are no notches to fit it comfortably. However, it is a durable, affordable, and reliable motorcycle battery.

It is one of the sealed batteries to protect it from having corrosion at the terminals or leakage on the lead points. The cell is vibration resistant, making the best motorcycle battery for an all-terrain motorbike outdoor experience. It is OEM compatible and passes the safe battery test.

Digital LED Display
So far, it is the best feature that makes it a superior model because you can monitor the state of your battery. The model is consumer-friendly and helps you take care of your battery despite it being a zero maintenance motorcycle battery.

The functional terminal design
The terminals are made from quality materials to make sure the battery lasts longer. It adds to the durability feature of this model.

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent safety features
  • Ready to install the fully charged battery
  • Lacks notches for raising and holding the battery in place

YTX20L-BS Rechargeable Motorcycle Battery

There are not so many good motorcycle batteries that are perfect for all motorbike models than this. Easy to install and basically can be fitted on any motorcycle because of its convenient weight and dimensions.

It weighs 13.88 pounds, and it is an AGM battery. It gives a 12V output, 18 amp hours, and a 270 cold-cranking amps cca. It is a sealed battery that uses AGM to prevent corrosion and leaks. It is also a reliable lead-acid battery.

The manufactures (YUASA) give an 18month warranty when you buy this high function motorcycle battery.

The model is a high-performance sports motorcycle battery. It is a sealed battery making it spill-proof and safe for use.

AGM Technology
It is a rechargeable lead-acid battery that offers durability and reliability while on the road. AGM technology is an advanced method of preventative maintenance. It protects your motorcycle battery from getting rust and corrosion. The battery has a calcium-alloy build that further helps to achieve this protective function.

Potent lead-calcium technology
The battery carries so much power to be used on big bike models as well as on small bikes. It is zero maintenance, and you will never need to add water to your motorcycle battery. The acid gets absorbed quickly in the glass mats and individual plates, making this model spill-free.

Uses pre-measured acid tubes
When you buy this battery, you will find an extra kit that makes assembly of the battery easy. All you have to do is to empty the already measured acid tubes inside your motorcycle battery. You should then seal your battery tightly to ensure it never spills any of the content. Do not worry about the acid tubes getting depleted and needing a refill. All you have to do is charge the battery whenever needed.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable
  • Comes with AGM feature to avoid leaks
  • Comes when fully charged
  • Affordable
  • Complicated for beginners

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Motorcycle Battery

Most people who have experience with this battery will attest to its instant power startup. It will easily make you the best rider because of its reliability. It is not for granted that this model features heavily on sport applications like motorcycle races, ATVs, and personal watercraft. It is deficient maintenance and will give you a better motorcycle experience.

The good thing about lithium motorcycle batteries is they never undergo sulphation. Sulphation is what makes most lead-acid batteries die early. It involves a progressive building up of the lead sulfate crystals inside the cell.

The battery comes fully charged and sealed. No need to add acid or water as it requires zero maintenance at all. Your motorcycles paintwork is safe from damage associated with Lead-acid batteries over spillage.

At 1.98 pounds, the LFX 14A4-BS is exceptionally lightweight. It only weighs 1/5 of the regular lead-acid batteries’ overall weight.

It offers easy installation as you can set it up, looking in either direction. The battery comes with a quad terminal for configuration. It is one of the best motorcycle battery brands in the market.

High Voltage
You get an excellent starting performance because of the high voltage. It features 19 amp hours, 12 V output, and 280 cold-cranking amps.

It saves on fuel consumption because it adds no weight to your motorcycle.

Dual side sticky shim foams
It is an essential feature as it allows the rider to secure the battery in the battery box tightly. Your motorcycle battery will not slide inside the cell compartment. You can enjoy riding your bike at higher speeds without worrying about your battery.

  • Lightweight
  • Zero maintenance
  • Good battery life
  • A high cranking amp
  • 3-year warranty
  • Does not come with a charger

ThrottleX MX20L Motorcycle Battery

It is a good battery model famous for its high-performance feature. You will enjoy its performance every time you ride your bike. The battery is quite reliable and durable with an AGM technology to prevent spillage and leakage. You can tilt the battery at any angle, and it will never spill or limit its performance in any way.

An outstanding feature you should know is the AGM separator that adds to its tearing resistance. The separator gets its protection from the full-frame plates that enhance cranking amps. It also ensures the battery has a low discharge rate.

Most riders do not like cleaning battery cells. Therefore a zero maintenance battery makes more sense in today’s motorcycle battery evolution.
The quick start ability makes the battery ideal in cold weather conditions like winter.

It is the best motorcycle battery for people living in cold winter conditions.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
It is a safety feature that makes this motorcycle battery leak-proof and spill-proof. Additionally, the vibration-resistant feature ensures your battery remains reliable and durable for a very long time.

Quick start power
It can be very frustrating when your battery struggles to power your motorcycle. That is why this feature is vital for every motorbike enthusiast.

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Vibration resistant
  • No fumes from the battery
  • Convenient for use in areas with extreme cold weather
  • User manual is complicated

Battery Tender BTL 35A480C Lithium Motorcycle Battery

If you are looking for the best motorcycle battery for any bike today, then you must consider this model. The battery has a massive 480 cold-cranking amps cca to make it ignite all kinds of motorbikes. It has a long battery life that lasts more than 5X of regular acid batteries. It weighs 1.39 pounds that is only up to 80% less compared to lead-acid batteries.

It is deceivingly lightweight but produces a potent 12V output. It has a high-temperature tolerance of up to 140-degrees F.

It is a good value for your money. The cell is popular, reliable, and durable.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
This safety feature prevents spills and leaks. It is high performance and god for personal watercraft, dirt bikes, scooters, lawnmowers, etc.

The battery is highly efficient producing, more power than sulfate batteries can never generate. It is an excellent model that has a good output to power big bikes as well.

Foam spacers for easy fitting
The spacers help with making the installation process easy. Once fitted, the battery never moves in the cell compartment. Keeping vibrations away from your battery increases its lifespan.

  • High voltage and under cranking loads
  • Keep charge for long duration
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low self-discharge
  • Hard to install

Best Motorcycle Battery Buyers Guide

An nonperforming battery may drain your motorcycle enthusiasm. That is why it is essential to have a cell that can meet all your rider’s needs. Some so many excellent models will awe you in what they can do. However, the selection process is determined by many variants.

For example, what is the bike for? Race bikes need special attention than regular bikes. Consider the following features to make an informed choice when buying a new battery.

Engine Compatibility

If you have a bigger engine capacity, you will need a high-performance battery. Ensure that you give your motorbike enough power to make it run as it should or better. Lesser Engine capacity will require a less rechargeable battery as well.

Be careful not to under power or overpower your motorcycle with a battery that is not the right fit.

Sealed Batteries Vs. Rechargeable Batteries

A sealed battery is a maintenance-free battery that comes ready for installation. They have no spills or leaks. Rechargeable batteries will require some maintenance occasionally, or else they will degrade and eventually die.

Not so many of the rechargeable models can be charged up to 1000 times before they die and need replacement. It is why people are opting for the sealed battery models that are hassle-free.

However, rechargeable batteries are eco-friendly, and because they can be charged, they tend to have a longer life span than non-rechargeable batteries. They are often costly than non-rechargeable batteries.

Look At Your New Batteries Expiration Date

Always try to find a battery that has no more than six months of shelf life before shipping. You must ensure that your battery life has the best chances to serve your better for longer.

You can also consider the expiration date if you want to receive a battery that is ready to install and fully charged. The longer the battery stays on the shelf, the more chances are that it is slowly losing charge.

Cold-cranking amps cca

CCA is the power you need to start your motorcycle or the energy your battery produces. To explain it further, CCA is the number of Amps; your battery should deliver 30 sec at 32-degrees F as it keeps the volt limit to 1.2V in each cell.

Old bikes need batteries with higher CCA as new models can work well with a battery with few amps. The reason is that old bikes take longer to start.

Always make sure you know the amount of output your motorcycle battery has. One with less power needs constant charging and is unfit for long rides.

The time you spend riding your bike and the style you enjoy riding is essential. They directly influence what kind of motorcycle battery you should get. To avoid the hassle of constant recharging, get the best motorcycle battery with more power to make it last longer.

Lifespan/ Battery Life

Regardless of the use, you have for your motorbike. The best motorcycle battery should last a long time. If you have minimal use and only make short trips on your bike, then an extended life battery is needed. If you also live in warm areas and occasionally use your motorcycle, then you need a good battery as well. Short trips hardly give the alternator enough time to charge the battery. Hence you need a battery that retains most of its charge. However, long-distance bike rides need a battery that can sustain high-temperature rides as well.

Before you buy a motorcycle battery, consider the factors that influence your battery’s lifespan.


If it is your first time replacing your motorcycle battery, then you must check the voltage on the old battery. The best motorcycles come in both high cc and low cc. Full-sized bikes will need a cell with a 12V output. Small-sized motorbikes may need only 6V. Ensure that you never under power or overpower your motorcycle.

Size of the battery

Some manufacturers allow you to customize your battery in the shape and size you want. But if you cannot afford this option, then you should buy the perfect fit for your battery compartment. Measure the space needed and buy the battery that fits those dimensions.

Also, check the weight of the battery against your bike. Additional weight adds to more fuel consumption. A robust or small battery than the compartment both has disadvantages. Always ensure your battery is tightly secured with little room to move.

Acquaint yourself with the technical specs

It can be challenging to know every little detail about your bike. However, if you are an enthusiast, you will find learning easy. The specs are what determine if you have settled for the best motorcycle battery for your bike.

You must know every detail of your battery and bike needs. Stretch your range from dimensions to the output voltage. The cold-cranking amps are also an important feature to consider, especially for the people who live in cold areas where a battery needs a high CCA.

Read the reviews of other users

If you want better insights into the motorcycle battery, you wish to buy read reviews. There are many forms of customer reviews found online that users share their experiences. It will help you know what to expect from your battery and what is the flaws some people have encountered. Check for patterns that indicate users had the same experience. If the good outweighs the bad, then you can buy it.

If you are still not convinced, you can contact your manufacturer directly and inquire further about the concerns you have with the model you want to buy.

Do not make a bias decision as the consequences will take a toll on your bike. Always make an informed decision. There are many services Llc associate programs you can join to know more about motorcycle batteries.


Most batteries come with a guarantee that covers up to a certain period. The warranty covers replacements and repairs if your motorcycle battery malfunctions within the time it is active. However, many things determine whether your manufacturer will honor the terms of the warranty. You should read and understand all disclaimers and clauses in the contract.

Some manufacturers are confident in their products and offer more extended warranties with better terms. Others have limited warranties. Check that you have the best deal, especially if you have bought an expensive model. Nobody loves losing money to a product that becomes unreliable and irreplaceable.

Materials used

The materials used contribute to durability and reliability. For example, an all-weather motorcycle battery is protected by sealing out any charge interference regardless of the weather. Cells that are used for longer trips need more protection. They are sealed tightly to prevent any spills and leaks.

The materials used also lead to a high-performance battery. Starting your bike is fast and charging even faster.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ(s)

How long will my motorcycle battery last?

It is the question that often lingers in the mind of every buyer. There is no straight answer because all motorcycle batteries are different. The amazon services LLC associates notably indicate that all cells are best reviewed with the use of the motorbike in mind. Speed bikes need more power than scooters and regular motorcycles with lower engine capacity.

What this means is the lifespan of your battery depends on how you plan to use your motorcycle. The maintenance determines battery life as well. Some people last with the same model for up to five years, while others do not manage one year.

One way of maintaining your motorcycle battery is not letting it die frequently. Every time a lead-acid battery dies, it loses some of its charging capacity.

How Can I protect my battery from getting any damage?

If you fail to take preventive measures to protect your battery, you can cause more harm to it and shorten its lifespan. The following will kill your battery fast.

  • Vibrations. If your battery keeps rattling, then it wears away and will eventually dissipate and lose its charge frequently. Always ensure that you secure the battery tightly to its compartment.
  • Heat. Avoid high temperatures as excessive heat will kill your motorcycle battery faster. Batteries that heat up to 130-degrees F usually never last long.
  • Freezing temperatures are not suitable for your battery as well.

How long will my new battery to get fully charged?

It does not matter whether it is a chrome battery or not. The time depends on the output voltage. Usually, it may take between four to 24 hours. It also depends on other factors—for example, the output charge, the capacity of the battery, and the self-discharge rate.

How will I know that my battery is dying?

You can always tell by the kind of start it has. Usually, a sluggish start means the battery is slowly dying. But you can still use a voltmeter to confirm your suspicions. The battery should always measure 12V output if that is its capacity.
A healthy battery shows a reading of 12.7V – 12.8 V. The lowest reading should be 12.4 V, which will be giving sluggish starts. If the meter reading falls to 11 V, then the battery is dead, you just do not know it.

Can I use my motorbike without a battery?

These are advanced concepts, and manufacturers will maybe get a breakthrough if it is an avenue they are pursuing. However, there are electric bikes that come with batteries that last as long as the bike will last. Such models are still prototypes, but they exist.