Best Motorcycle Jackets: Stylish Jackets with Great Protection

men with biker jacketAs a motorcycle rider, you will need the best motorcycle jacket as a safety device. Motorcycle jackets are crucial gears that every rider should wear. They also make a fashion statement. Above all, their importance is beyond the fashion world.

As you hit the open road, you will require a motorcycle jacket for protection against wind. It will add to the warmth and overall comfort. You need to remain safe while behind the handlebars. As a result, you will be safe as you avoid health hazards.

The most commonly used materials in making motorcycle jackets are leather ad fabric. It all depends on your preference. Leather jackets happen to be durable and more versatile than their counterparts.

You may get overwhelmed by a sea of various motorcycle jackets in the market. However, if you are in a hurry, then consider the ones on our list. You need to find the right motorcycle jacket to enhance your riding experience.

List of Top Rated Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Alpinestars Textile Motorcycle Jacket – Best in Design

Many buyers consider this motorcycle jacket as a masterpiece. This Alpine motorcycle jacket wins on comfort, safety, and perfect blend design. The clean and sleek design improves its aesthetics to a great deal. The user will enjoy a snug fit while on a casual outing with friends.

As you use this viper air jacket, you will not remember the need for a backpack. The manufacturer used 600D poly-fabric shell material. Furthermore, the designer reinforced it with PU for abrasion resistance. It will also not tear easily.

Both the front and rear panels have extensive mesh. It has a critical role for unsurpassed airflow performance. The presence of two-way sleeve zippers will ensure safe closure. You will also use it for the regulation of the air intake.

The motorcycle jacket has a windproof inner vest lining, which is removable. The design allows the rider to wear this motorcycle jacket in wet weather. The same lining has Velcro-closing wallet pockets for storage convenience. The motorcycle jackets have an interior mesh liner. It offers a cooling performance to increase riding comfort.

  • Durable
  • Wallets pockets are ideal for storing convenience
  • Zipper design will ensure safe closure
  • Windproof inner vest makes it suitable in rainy weather
  • Little bulky due to elbows and shoulders

Fox Racing MTB Jacket – Best for Protection

Fox racing is a reliable jacket that will offer maximum protection. However, its front has a two-piece chest plate. The plate comes from high-impact plastic. The back still has plastic shields needed for extra protection. The forearms, elbows, and shoulders have hard shell padding.

The Fox Racing Jacket will offer you suitable comfort. It will maintain you at the top of the game. It is a cool jacket that comes from the soft vented mesh. The designer made the protective plating to remain vented for more comfortable airflow.

As you wear it, you will not experience a feeling of heaviness. It will fit you rightly like a glove; hence you will not lose it as you ride. It is also easy to put it on and off as it has a center front zipper.

Since the elastic straps are adjustable, it will keep things in place. As such, bunching will never happen as you use it. It is a multi-purpose jacket. It will keep the dirt off your clothes. You can still use it for biking, snowboarding, or skiing. It is in the list of the best motorcycle jackets on the market.

The good news is that the jacket comes in various sizes. You will quickly identify it since it manifests in black color only. It will also match perfectly with your other attires. As a result, it will appear stylish.

  • Offers robust protection for the riders
  • Has a high impact chest plate
  • Multi-purpose jacket in several situations
  • Vented mesh allows airflow to enhance cooling
  • Overly armored design may not favor everyone

Joe Rocket 1051-5004 – Best for Functionality

You will never go wrong as you select this riding jacket. The alluring design makes it to standout out from other related products. The designer did a perfect job by stitching it without leaving seams incorrectly.

The motorcycle jacket has large vertical zippers on both sides of its main zipper. The design allows the rider to wear and adjust accordingly. As if that is not enough, the zipper will add to the appeal of the motorcycle jacket.

The Joe Rocket has fantastic features that make it functional. The motorcycle jacket has large pockets for the rider to store essential kinds of stuff. Most importantly, Joe Rocket is a waterproof attire to keep you protected in wet areas.

One can still operate with this riding jacket in hot weather. You can again remove the external thermal liner whenever you feel a temperature rise.

There are ventilation holes around the jacket. Their role is to enhance airflow inside your jacket. More so, there is cross-linked ventilation to improve cooling as you ride in a hot summer. You can again operate comfortably in heat-prone areas.

The motorcycle jacket has a 6-point sure fit. It is crucial for custom adjustment for the user to get the right fit.

  • Ventilation membranes ensures air circulation
  • Waterproof design
  • Bold and handsome design
  • Large vertical zippers will ensure a secure fit
  • Has sizable storage pockets
  • Armor pads are uncomfortable and bulky

Milwaukee Leather SH1011 – Best All-Weather Jacket

Milwaukee leather jacket is a stylish gear that will give you points wherever you move. The premium jacket is made from cowhide material that has a grainy feel. It also has a tough and robust feel on hands, which reassures your safety.

Just from the box, this black riding jacket is shiny with large zippers. Furthermore, it has secure stitching along its edges. The design inspires confidence as you ride. Typically, its leather construction procures long-term usage.

As you wear this trendy motorcycle jacket, you feel the comfort and warmth. The good news is that it is an all-weather wear. You will dive into the wet and rain environment since it is waterproof. Also, you can remove the inner thermal liner. By folding its sleeves, as you comfortably ride in summer.

The interior is soft and sturdy, which makes it appear elegant. You will draw appreciative glances as you ride your motorcycle.

The motorcycle jacket has a distinctive police-style design. It stands out among other motorcycle jackets as it has a shiny design. The riding jacket boasts of outer pockets where the user will keep personal pieces of stuff.

  • Made of premium leather materials
  • Has a removable thermal liner
  • Sturdy leather makes it long-lasting
  • Trendy and shiny design
  • Potential sizing issues

Viking Cycle Angel Fire – Best in Affordability

If you are in love with leather jackets, then Viking Cycle is there for you. It is among the best motorcycle jackets in the market. The product comes from 100% cowhide leather. It is among the best quality leather that the manufacturer added to the riding industry.

The used leather an easy to care option to the user. The heavy-duty design is a strong statement that it is of high quality. It is wrinkle-free; therefore, it will not sag when you wear it.

This motorcycle jacket has several pockets to store your essentials conveniently. Such items key include the keys, cash, wallet, phone, sunglasses, and cards. They will fit right there without causing discomfort as you ride your bike.

The product exposes a classic vintage design. As a result, it will, therefore, never go out of fashion. It will suit most of your outfits.

The motorcycle jacket will offer you a typical comfort due to its functional features.

Besides, the motorcycle jacket comes with adjustable cuffs. You can modify these cuffs in accordance to your needs. The belted waits allow the user to adjust it according to the size. The heavy-duty zippers are top closures.

The Viking Cycle has a quilted polyester liner, which is soft to touch. The designer crafted this jacket with high-end materials that make it to be durable.

  • Has an insulated and removable liner
  • Adjustment systems enable a proper fit
  • Multi-pockets allows convenient storage
  • Used cowhide leather material is durable
  • Affordable price
  • •Liner comes for polyester material

Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

When you evaluate the ideal motorcycle jackets, safety is critical. You can maintain safety by implementing the correct style of motorcycle riding. After all, you want the best motorcycle jacket that will serve you effectively.

Our buying guide will inform you if you are new to motorcycle jackets. It will also help you if you want to upgrade your old motorcycle jacket.

You need to gauge the ideal product against certain elements. As a result, you will avoid many errors as you arrive at the right pick. Let’s dig in:


The market has both textile jackets and leather jackets. You need to determine the suitable material for you. The type of used materials will affect the performance of the leather motorcycle jacket. You should know the characteristics of each material.

The leather jacket comes in different classes. The leather motorcycle jacket can originate from Kangaroo hide, cow skin, or goat hide. The genuine leather motorcycle jacket is robust and durable; hence will protect you from an injury.

Remarkably, it is easier to clean and maintain leather jackets. The only shortcoming is that leather jackets are denser. It is denser when compared to the textile motorcycle jacket. Furthermore, leather jackets are suitable in wet and cold conditions. Unluckily, they perform poorly in hot conditions.

Most of the textile jackets come from nylon materials. You can blend it with other fabrics to make it breathable and waterproof. It should also provide better insulation. One thing for sure is these textile jackets are more versatile.

You can use a textile motorcycle jacket in hot weather. The textile motorcycle jacket will still perform well in cold weather.

Lastly, on material, we have hybrid jackets. They incorporated functional aspects of various materials to produce a perfect blend. The hybrid product is among the best motorcycle jackets on the market.

Number of Pockets

The location and number of pockets is an important feature on motorcycle jackets. Pocketless jackets mean that you will lack where to store your essentials. You will, therefore, need a jacket that has several pockets for storage convenience.

The trouser should not be the only place to store your stuff. Some of these items may fall on the way while riding the motorcycle.

The motorcycle jacket should have a pocket in the right places. The spot should be accessible as opposed to hard-to-reach places. Also, the content of your pocket should not destruct your motorcycle riding experience.

Type of the Motorcycle Jacket

Each design will fit a particular category of use. For instance, we have sportbike jackets. It will conform to the body of the rider. This jacket has a shorter back that will accommodate the rider. It allows the rider to sit in an upright position. It also has abrasion resistance as a safety measure.

The market also has touring or adventure jackets. You can use them in any weather conditions such as cold, rain, wind, and snow. You can use such jackets on various terrains.

Another category is café jackets, which are ideal in riding Café racer bikes. The designers use both textile and leather materials in its construction.


A safe motorcycle jacket will instil confidence to the user. The bets motorcycle jacket should have a good impact and abrasion protection.

The best motorcycle jacket should have a good and double layer for impact absorption. It will prevent you from suffering from intestinal injuries and broken bones.

The leather and textile jackets will prevent the rider from abrasion injuries. Still, the user will not experience skin loss and muscle.

The motorcycle jackets should have hard armor on shoulders and elbows. Other safety features are reliable closures, triple stitching, and padded collars.

Fit and comfort

You should mind about the body position as well as the convenience of the body. You should avoid wearing a jacket that will just fit you as you wear it. It might expose the wrist and the lower back. As such, it will risk you to extensive injuries in case of an accident.

You can still determine the rider’s comfort by the materials used. The textile material is always flexible from the onset. On the contrary, leather materials will take some time before it begins to soften.

The best motorcycle jacket should have a mechanism to dissipate heat. It should have proper ventilation as you ride in hot weather. Still, it should have warm and removable liners to protect you when riding in cold areas.


You must purchase the best quality motorcycle within your price range. Other features that may affect the pricing is safety and materials. The leather motorcycle jacket is always costly; hence it will reflect in the jackets too.

Most importantly, you should treasure that product that takes care of safety. Remember, safety rides above all other bonus features. The most secure and safe jackets will likely have a high price tag.

You can still find reasonably priced jackets with excellent safety features. As a first-timer, you can get a moderately priced jackets to match your entry-level needs.

FAQs When Buying Jacket

How will you be maintaining your motorcycle jacket?

It depends on the type of materials used to construct the jacket. All said, it is easier to maintain your jackets if you have the right facts. For instance, a textile jacket has straightforward cleaning procedures.

You will only use a cleaning solution or a moist cloth. You should ensure that it has not detachable metal before immersing in water. Once you complete the washing process, let it dry naturally.

One should pay more care and attention to leather jackets. You will involve a specialized cleaning kit. Furthermore, the user should utilize a leather feed solution. After drying, you can polish it to give it a shining finish.

What is the lifespan of a motorcycle jacket?

There is no straight answer to this concern. However, the rider will determine the duration of the motorcycle jacket.

If you frequently wear the best motorcycle jacket, then its rate of wear will be high. Unluckily, if you get involved in an accident, it means it will wear out rapidly. Depending on the impact, it will extend from the spot of wear.

If you remain safe from accidents, it can last for some years.

How do you find the right fit?

One of the objectives of acquiring the motorcycle jacket is protection. It will be right if it keeps you safe from any harm and danger.

Additionally, you can get the right fit through measurement. You can measure the chest and the neck. Furthermore, the user can measure essential areas before getting proper attire.

The process will also involve fitting in various options in the store. It will work well for those individuals who can access the physical store.

If you are buying it online, make sure you give the right measurement.

Will you get the right warmth to from leather jackets?

Indeed, a leather jacket is always warm. Since these jackets are not breathable, they maintain warmth for a long time. They will still provide the needed comfort during summer riding.

Some riders do complain of leather jackets during cold seasons. They become cold as you move in cold weather. Some designs came up to correct such a loop. The manufacturers used a textile liner to restore warmth and comfort.

Which is the right leather option for motorcycle jackets?

The issue of the best leather material remains debatable. Notably, the kangaroo hide happens to be light and tough. Many professionals will consider using kangaroo hide.

The most frequently used leather is cowhide. It is the most available and cost-effective. The material is sturdy, tough, and durable. Furthermore, it is resistant to dirt and water.

The good news is that it will take a considerable period before fading. If you properly take care of it, it may last for a more extended period.

Which motorcycle jacket is suitable for summer?

You should go for a mesh motorcycle jacket. It has ventilation that allows airflow to keep you cool and comfortable. Still, it will offer the right protection to the rider. It also has other safety features to make it useful.

Are all leather jackets waterproof?

No. The leather jacket is not waterproof. The only feature in them is that they are water repellent. Such a design ensures that it keeps the rain out of your way.

However, you have the option to make it waterproof through treatment. The con about that is that that treatment may fade after a while. You will, therefore, still have only the water repellent feature. Overall, the leather jacket will still serve you to your satisfaction.


You will need a motorcycle jacket to protect yourself from any safety concerns. You will use it during cold weather to provide warmth and comfort. Still, you may require it as a safety gear while you are riding your motorcycle.