5 Top Rated Wheel Locks: For Your Wheels Protection

automobile wheelWe live in uncertain and tough times. Wheels and alloys have recently been juicy targets for opportunistic thieves.

While some thieves steal money and such, others go for valuable car parts. Wheels are some of these parts. It takes a few minutes for an ambitious thief to steal your car wheels.

Car owners cope with different risks-especially when packing in wary neighborhoods and streets. Coming across vehicles sitting on bricks or concrete blocks is frequent. Most of these cases are due to the purloining of the car’s wheels.

For this reason, invest in the best wheel locks to avoid wheel theft. After all, they are an inexpensive investment in avoiding the unnecessary cost of new wheels.

Nonetheless, the market delivers very many wheel-lock options. But which wheel locks are ideal for you? Read on through our five best wheel lock options.

Top 5 Wheel Locks

# Image Wheel Locks Price
#1 Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock $$$
#2 Honda Genuine Accessories 08W42-SNA-100 Alloy Wheel Lock $$$
#3 Gorilla Automotive (71641X) 14mm x 1.50 Thread Size Acorn Chrome X2 Wheel Lock, (Pack of 4) $
#4 TOYOTA Genuine Accessories  Wheel Lock $
#5 McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4 $$

Trimax Wheel Chock – Best Clamp and Universal Design

Trimax boasts of making many top-quality and all sorts of vehicle accessories. Their Trimax Wheel Chock Lock is no different.

The TCL65 is rather heavy, weighing six to eight pounds. Its central section features heavy duty powder-coated treated steel.

With such material, it delivers utmost protection and durability. So, expect this lock lug nut to last you a very long time.

Its red section includes a rubber coating. The rubber keeps the clamp from damaging your vehicle wheels as they attach. At the bottom, it also consists of a tiny lock.

Trimax describes the wheel lock as pick resistant. The clamp firmly and tightly grips your car tire. This feature is always an vital advantage in clamping wheels.

Outstandingly, the clap wheel lock also acts as a chock. In other words, it prevents your car from rolling away.

It features a plating that lays on the ground after locking the device around the wheel. With this feature, the wheel lock offers two products in one.

Installing the Trimax wheel lock is very straightforward. As an added advantage, the Trimax wheel chock lock comes with two keys. In the event of losing one, you still have an extra key, and that is excellent.

Also, this wheel lock has a universal design. Thus, this clap can fit all vehicle wheels. With a robust powder coat finish, this wheel lock is corrosion resistant.

Finally, the Trimax clamp wheel lock includes a lifetime warranty. In case of any complaints, return it for replacement.

  • It’s a 2-in-1 product
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Comes with two keys
  • Has a universal design
  • Thieves can steal the entire tire.

Honda Genuine Accessories Alloy Wheel Lock – Best Durability

This lug lock features a chrome-plated finish exterior. More importantly, the locking lug nut includes a top-notch nickel. Also, the triple-nickel finish gives the wheel locks a natural shine.

By this, the locks are safe from corrosion and rust. This feature makes it ideal for people living where rain and snow are frequent.

Besides, they feature a hardened steel body. This material makes the nuts very sturdy to withstand any abuse. Thus, they deliver security from theft.

Without the locks’ right key, it’s hard for anyone to pry wheels off your car. Removing them using power tools is also an arduous task.

After purchase, you get a matching key for every set. The package also includes a storage pouch. This pouch offers storage for the locking lug nuts and key in case you feel you don’t need them.

Also, the pouch allows you to keep tabs of the nuts whereabouts if you want to reinstall them. Also, the storage ensures you don’t misplace your lock key socket.

Honda uses stable and quality materials when designing each locking lug nut. Expect these wheel locks to offer service for several years. They deliver protection for your rims as well.

  • Provides reliable protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Straightforward to use
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Not suitable for all Hondas

Gorilla Automotive Acorn Guard Locks – Best Security

Gorilla Automotive boasts of a well-established legacy in making top-notch wheel locks. With a wide assortment of products, Gorilla automotive helps keep your car wheels safe and intact.

Their original system includes a set of 20-wheel locks. With this system, Gorilla Automotive ensures that all lug nuts in your wheels are locks.

Regarding the material, the Gorilla Guard locks feature case hardened steel and are chrome plated as well. With a chrome finish, these Gorilla Automotive wheel locks are corrosion resistant. Moreover, the chrome plating makes the locks highly visible and very attractive.

If you don’t need the full set, they have other suitable options. E.g., the Gorilla Automotive X2. What’s more, the X2 upper lock is free spinning.

This feature protects the lower portion by making it tough to force them off. Gorilla Automotive is one of the most robust wheel locks set in the market.

The Acorn Gorilla guard wheel locking mechanism doesn’t compromise on safety and quality. Its design outwits all sorts of wheel thieves.

What’s more, each lock lug nut has a unique exterior design. It’s impossible to unlock these Acorn Gorilla guard locks without their unique key.

The Gorilla guard locks feature a 60-degree conical seat. Also, they are available in five different sizes. Therefore, they have models to fit all wheel nut sizes.

Then again, these acorn gorilla guards also feature a triple-nickel plating. This feature also adds to their corrosion resistance.

With their high-quality features, their price is reasonable. They are an ideal choice for commercial vehicles and trailers. Also, they are reliable for vehicles subject to harsh conditions.

  • Available in different sizes
  • They have a reasonable price
  • Narrow groove design
  • Attractive finish
  • Hardened steel construction
  • No locking lug nut for the spare wheel

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories Wheel Lock – Best weight balance

These TOYOTA wheel locks are among the best wheel locks in the market. Firstly, they come with a special key.

This key allows you to either remove or install the wheel locknuts. Besides, it is also very instrumental in guaranteeing your safety from wheel theft.

These locking lug nuts feature hardened and treated steel. With such material, they last longer, are rustproof and can stand up to wear and tear. With precision machining, the nuts achieve an ideal weight balance.

More importantly, these heavy duty locks include a simple manual in the package. Here you can refer to any guidelines concerning their installation and removal. Their shape as well makes their installation effortless.

To enhance their quality, they feature triple nickel plating. Other than that, this feature safeguards each locking lug nut from corrosion. Also, their chrome plating adds to the nut’s high quality and durability.

Equally important, on the outer surface, these wheel locks have an artistic feel. As a result, they are quite eye-catching and highly visible. But that still doesn’t get in their way of delivering utmost security.

These locks are straightforward to install on most Toyota models. Luckily enough, they offer a key replacement in case of damage and misplacement.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • High quality
  • Fits various Toyota vehicles
  • Artistic feel
  • Tends to rust after a few months

McGuard 24157 Cone Seat Wheel Locks – Best Budget

The McGuard Cone seat locking lug nut is 1.28 inches long and has a 12mm x 1.50 thread. It’s interior features steel, and its outer surface includes a chrome plating. By this, the nut lock is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The set includes four locks to place on your tire lugs. Depending on your vehicle’s lug size, you can get 19 or 21mm hex size.

Moreover, these cone seat locks beat OEM standards. For this reason and if the need arises, they are excellent for aftermarket-manufactured cars.

They require a unique key for their installation and removal. Thus, it’s almost impossible for a thief to remove them with a wrench.

McGuard generates its key’s design using a computer. With such a narrow and unique groove, it not possible to use other tools to remove them.

With a length of just 1.28 inches, these cone seat locks are not easy to locate. The reason being, after locking them in place, they attract minimal attention.

Further, McGuard steel undergoes chemical treatment. Hence, the cone seat lock is very reliable and durable to boot. Its plating process goes through an extra microporous chrome and three nickel layers.

After this process, this locking lug nut comes out with a smooth chrome plating. This feature offers protection from rust.

This cone seat lock is also very straightforward to use. Just like ordinary wheel locks, it includes a single wheel lock function. Thus, it’s effortless to install or remove the nuts.

It’s impossible to use nosy removal tools. Thanks to its narrow groove pattern. For people who like a low profile, this is an ideal locking lug nut.

  • Quality locks
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile
  • Reasonable price
  • Does not fit all cars

Buyers Guide

Does your car spend a lot of time in parking? Or do you sometimes park in the street? If yes, get your vehicle easy insurance from wheel theft. Invest in reasonable anti-theft wheel locks.

Everyone, including the marauding thieves, loves the striking wheels. Imagine the role wheel locks play in protecting your car wheels from theft.

Therefore, it’s very vital to invest in a dependable set. Before you go to buy wheel locks, make sure you prepare well. Not only will the wheel lock save you money but also your car wheel as well.

A wheel lock comes in place of standard lug nuts. Also, it includes a specific face pattern. By this, you can only install or remove it with a unique key that has a lock.

Apart from being cheap, these wheel locks are also easy to install. You don’t have to consult an auto repair or your dealership. Also, setting up wheel locks means you will always need to carry the key for nut lock removal.

Planning to buy excellent wheel locks is wise. However, you need wheel locks that guarantee the maximum security of your wheels, right?

Well, also note that wheel locks are not the same. A glance at different brands, their advantages and disadvantages is not everything.

With your requirements in mind, there are a few wheel-lock factors you should take into account. They may include handling, safety, cost, among others.

Here are lock factors you ought to consider when buying the best wheel locks.


Robust wheel locks are handy in saving you valuable wheels of your car. As such, don’t compromise on the cost when buying wheel locks.

Most of the inexpensive brands of wheel locks lack a durable design. For this reason, they may not provide enough security from a resolute thief.

So, always go for quality wheel locks. They may be quite costly, but they are worth it.


Before buying any set of wheel locks, you should consult your car manual. Through this, you check how compatible your wheels are with the locks

Another thing, make sure you know the size of your car wheels. The reason being, there are different wheel lock sizes out there. Knowing your wheel sizes will save avoid confusion of buying the wrong wheel locks.

Remember anti-theft locks wheel nuts substitute one of your original wheel nuts. Therefore, ensure you buy a set of wheel locks the same size as the stock wheel nuts.

You can refer to your car owner’s manual to check the size of your car’s lug nuts. Or, you may measure the length after removing one of the vehicle’s lug nuts.


In most cases, a set of wheel locks includes four locks. Nonetheless, some other brands come with more than four locks.

I would advise you to go for wheel locks with more than four bolts. Most of such locks are somewhat costly. But they are a worthy and convenient purchase since they guarantee additional security.

Material and safety

It’s critical to consider the wheel locks’ material and safety. In this aspect, different lock models vary a lot. Most locks comprise of hardened steel and a safety key. However, in some devices, these components are of less quality and less stable than in others. Thus, it is very vital to focus on what matters most.

Ideal locking wheel nuts feature an ultra-strong and robust construction. Assume the worst was to happen, and a thief tries to steal your wheel. In most cases, they tend to use any possible measures to do so.

By this, they can leave your lug nuts susceptible to damage. Excellent wheel locks come with professional-grade steel. Thus, they can withstand any abuse an ambitious thief could apply.

Premium-quality finish

Daily, you subject your lug nuts to harsh conditions. Take, for instance, they get coated fully by snow, and sometimes you may drench them in muddy water. For this reason, go for wheel locks with a top-notch finish.

The best locking lug nuts come with a powder-coated or chrome finish. With this, they deliver the utmost rust-resistance.


Top-quality wheel locks display visual clues thus highly visible. In other words, their design alerts thieves that your car is off-limits.

Clamp-style locks make an ideal visual theft-deterrent. They feature bright color paints such as yellow or orange hence highly visible. At the same time, they are quite large as well.


Some wheel locks manufacturers produce locks as well as a universal key. Such locks can leave your car wheels susceptible as they are easy to manipulate. So, ensure you buy locks that come with a special key that can only open your exclusive lock.

Security experts say that an excellent locking mechanism should be as composite as possible. As such, go for a wheel lock that comes with a unique key pattern.

There have been several instances of people reporting that thieves use master keys to open-wheel locks. To avoid such events, always look for wheel locks with a unique key pattern.

Handling and assembly

Any wheel lock you purchase should be fast and easy to assemble and handle. However, these factors may vary with different wheel lock manufacturers.

In the same way, your wheel locks should also be straightforward to remove as well. They should not be very complicated but should be robust to stand up to theft manipulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wheel locks work?

The short answer is yes. Best wheel locks in the market feature robust construction and a special key pattern. By this, they dishearten thieves from stealing your car wheels.

Nonetheless, a resolute thief may use the right tools and may eventually swipe your rims. Luckily enough, most wheel burglars check for easy targets. Therefore, a set of best wheel locks will most likely encourage them to move on.

How do I install wheel locks on my car?

Installing locking lug nuts is very easy. Just choose one of your stock lug nuts and use a wrench to remove it. Then replace the stock nut using one of the wheel locknuts. Use its key to tighten it.

For the clamp type wheel lock, open using its key. Place it around the wheel once it’s wide open. Then, tighten and lock it.

If I lose the key to my wheel lock, what can I do?

In the unfortunate event that your wheel lock key is missing, you may try the following. First, contact the manufacturer and request a replacement.

Second, hire a mechanic to remove the wheel lock (Be ready to drop some reasonable bucks).

Third, attempt to do it yourself using a socket wrench that fits over the lock and a hammer. You can hammer on the wrench then slowly unscrew it. In some instances, it works.

For clamp locks, it’s much more manageable. Cut one of its arms using an angle grinder. You can also use a power tool that attaches a metal cutting blade.

How long does a wheel lock last?

Under normal conditions, wheel locks can last your vehicle’s lifetime. But, if you expose the bolts to harsh environments, they tend to discolor or even rust.

Even so, for wheel locks to rust fully, it’s going to take a very long time.

If a thief tries to break the locks, consider buying a new set for safety assurance.

Where can I hide the wheel lock keys?

Keys for lug nut locks are rather cumbersome to have on the fob. You may just keep it in the car but not in the glove box. Hide it somewhere that is easy to remember in case of a breakdown. E.g., the trunk.

Clamp locks, on the other hand, have standard keys. Thus, just have it on your key fob together with your car key.

How does a wheel lock work?

It depends on the type of wheel lock you choose. The locking lug nuts style replaces at least one of your stock wheel lug nuts.

After it’s in place, you cannot remove it without using a key. So, if you don’t possess the key, it will be challenging to unlock it.

The clamp wheel lock style is somewhat different. Unlike the locking wheel nuts, it mounts externally to the car wheel.

After clamping it in, it secures both the car wheel and any alloy mounts on it.

How can I be sure that a wheel lock will prevent wheel theft?

You can figure out the wheel lock security by testing it yourself. Secure the lock to your wheels.

Then without unlocking it, try to remove it. You will realize the wheel lock doesn’t give in without its special key.

You may even use whatever tools that you think thief could have. The high probability is you will not remove the lock from the wheel.

What kind of lock should I pick?

Wheel locks come in varying sizes, types, and threading. To determine the wheel threading, consult your car’s manual.

The size of the lock depends on your preference. Also remember, the size of the wheel lock influences how easy it is to install.


Nowadays, installing some sort of lock is habitual. Especially for car owners who reside in areas displaying high crime rates. Also, it’s by far much better to deter theft than to buy new car wheels.

In this review, there are several choices to approach the matter. Whatever wheel locks you buy, ensure they are within your preference and budget.

Our top pick is the Gorilla Automotive Acorn Guard locks. They feature robust steel thus are durable.

Then again, these Acorn gorilla guards come with a unique key. Also, they are corrosion resistant and available in different sizes.