How to Clean Leather Car Seats like a Pro

red leather car seatOwning a luxury car with a top range of leather seats is a score. It puts you at the top on the list of people who love style and class. However, after continuous use of your car, you will realize stains have started forming on your leather seats.

The stains could be as a result of spills from your drink, ink, or any other dirt that comes into your car. But, to maintain the luxury of your leather seats, you need to invest in proper cleaning of the seats. It doesn’t make sense of owning a luxury car with top range leather seats, but full of stains.

After all, you intend to maintain and have those classy looking car seats. Therefore, I am going to share with you how to clean your leather car seats like a pro.

How do you clean your leather car seats like a pro?

Well, the following procedure has proved to work on different types of leather seats.

Remember, there are different types of leather used to design car seats.

So, get to understand the kind used in your car. It will enable you to clean the seats using the right procedure

Let me guide you on the step by step procedure on how you clean your leather car seats.

You should have the following items,

  • Leather cleaner, saddle soap, or any other mild soap detergent
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Microfiber towel
  • Leather seat conditioner.

1. Determine the Type of Leather

As I mentioned above, different cars have different leather used to design car seats. So, ensure you read your manual carefully and understand the type of leather used before cleaning.

2. Check the Condition and the Design of Your Seats

Because you want to perform a deep cleaning of your leather seats, check and confirm how the manufacturer designed the chairs.

Many leather seats have perforations and holes that help in heating the seats.

Also, apart from the perforations, confirm whether the seats have holes or torn on the edges. If you find the seats have perforations and holes, avoid soaking your seats with lots of leather cleaner.

3. Vacuum Cleaning

While using your car, a lot of dirt gets its way inside your vehicle. Use the vacuum cleaner to help you remove dust and other debris from your leather seats before you start real cleaning of the seats.

Do it gently to avoid scratching the surface. Again, concentrate where debris gathers mostly in the seams of your seats.

If your seats have cracks and the dirt has stuck in them, using a vacuum cleaner will not remove such dirt. In such a case, you may use a compressor to blow out dust and other debris.

After performing the above three steps, it is now time to start cleaning your seats.

4. Cleaning the Surface of Your Leather Seats

Now that you have inspected your seat well and vacuum cleaned the seats, the layer of dirt and stains is now visible.

Do the following to remove dirt from the leather seats.

  • Spray the leather cleaner on the microfiber towel. Gently massage the surface of your leather seats, paying attention in areas that dirt has concentrated. Remember, unless the manufacturer advises so; do not use a wet towel.
  • If the microfiber towel is unable to clear the dirt on the seat’s surface, use the soft bristle brush.

Spray the leather cleaner on the brush; use the brush to scrub the dirt on the leather seat gently. The brush will simulate dirt in the leather fiber to come to the surface for easy wiping.

  • After scrubbing and agitating dirt to the surface, use a clean microfiber towel to wipe clean the seat and any excess cleaning solution.
  • Sometimes, you may not clear all the stains at once. In such a case, repeat the above procedure until you get all the stains from your leather seats.

Remember to pay attention to the seat perforations and holes. For those reasons, avoid wet towels at all times.

5. Applying the Conditioner

After you have cleaned the dirt and stains from your seats, it is time to condition your leather seats.

Leather cleaners and other mild cleaning detergents take away oils from the leather surface, leaving it dry. To restore the quality and texture of your seats, you need a quality leather seat conditioner. It is advisable to use a water-based conditioner with a well balanced P.H.

It makes no sense to clean your leather seats thoroughly and then apply cheap leather conditioners. Avoid conditioners that contain silicone, petroleum, and wax. Such conditioners make the surface of your leather greasy and clog the seat perforations.

A conditioner rich in oils, sunscreen, and other ingredients restores the look of your leather seat to its original look. Using a clean microfiber towel, apply the conditioner on the surface of the leather car seat. Continue applying the conditioner until you meet the desired look.

Remember; always follow the manufactures instruction before using the conditioner.

6. Drying the Leather Seats

When drying your car seats, don’t be in a hurry. I recommend that you leave your car for at least 12 hours without using it. Leather takes time to dry, so it requires your patience for your leather car seats to dry.

Again, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight and leather have never been best friends. So, park your car under a shade away from sunlight and allow your seats to dry naturally.

Note. Before you start applying cleaner or conditioner to your car seats, it is wise you do a spot check of the substance you intend to use.

Apply the substance in an area that one cannot easily see and confirm if it is safe to use it on your leather car seats.

Final Take

Leather is expensive skin. Like your own skin, taking care of your skin well, it serves you well. Likewise, your leather car seats are not cheap. Take good care of them by investing in the good car seat cover too.